Assembly Language

Unit 6: Introduction to Classes

Class Fundamental Java is a true object oriented language and therefore the underlying structure of all Java program is classes. Anything we wish to represent in a Java program must be encapsulated in a class that defines the state and behavior of the basic program components known as objects. Classes create objects and objects use […]

Unit 4: Operators

An operator is a symbol that tells the compiler to perform a specific mathematical, logical or other manipulation. Java has four general classes of operators. Arithmetic Operators:  The operators that are used to carry out fundamental arithmetic operations are called arithmetic operators. The following table shows complete set of arithmetic operators. S.N Operator Meaning 1 […]

Web Programming – I | BIM 3rd Semester | Solution

Year 2018 Differentiate between HTML and XHTML documents. HTML and XHTML both are markup languages used for creating web pages and our applications. HTML and XHTML both are almost similar but some keydifference between HTML and XHTML make them apart from each other. XHTMLis the extended version of HTML only with help of using XML […]