Data Mining and Data Warehousing | Short Questions and Answer

Data Mining and Data Warehousing | Important Question Answer Define data mining. Data mining is technique of extracting hidden, unknown knowledge from a huge volume of data. What is data pre-processing in data mining? Data pre-processing is process of preparing data for data mining task. Data pre-processing removes redundancies from data, makes data consistent, error-free, […]

Data mining and Data warehousing | BIM | TU Solution | Year 2022

Group A 1. Data mining and Data warehousing Brief Answer Questions. 1. Mention any two data mining techniques. Classification: This is a technique used to categorize data into different classes or groups based on their attributes or characteristics. It involves building a model that can predict the class of new data instances based on their […]

Software Project Management (SPM) – Numerical | BIM 8th Semester

What is the Cost Performance Index (CPI)? The Cost Performance Index (CPI) is a method for calculating the cost efficiency and financial effectiveness of a specific project through the following formula: CPI = earned value (EV) / actual cost (AC). A CPI ratio with a value higher than 1 indicates that a project is performing well […]

EIC Very Short Questions Solution | BIM 8th Semester

  Year 2021 1. Define information economy. Information economy is defined as the study of information affect economic analysis. It studies the importance of information in economics. 2. Define arbitration. Arbitration is a procedure in which a dispute is submitted, by agreement of the parties, to one or more arbitrators who make a binding decision […]

SCM Very Short Question Solution | BIM 8th Semester

Year 2021 1. What is Intrapreneurship? An intrapreneurship is a phenomenon of empowering the employees within the organization, by valuing their ideas and converting them into a profit-making model for the business. 2. What is lifestyle firm? Lifestyle firms are those businesses which provide their owner or owners the opportunity to pursue a particular lifestyle and […]

Data Mining and Data Warehousing | BIM TU Solution – 2021

Brief Answer Questions: i. How data mining differ with data warehouse? The main difference between data mining and data warehousing is that data mining is a process for analyzing and extracting data whereas, data warehousing refers to the process of sequentially storing data after extracting it from sources. ii. What are the main parameters to […]

Data Mining | BIM 8th Semester | TU Solution -2018

Brief Answer Question: i. What are two types of data used in data mining? Types of data used in data mining are: Records Graph and network. Ordered Multimedia ii. Write formula for confidence used in association rule mining. Confidence is the conditional probability that a transaction will contains Y given that it contains X or […]

Chapter 12: The effects of continual disruption: technological resources supporting resilience in regions of conflict

Introduction In conflict zones it can be dangerous for people to travel and maintain their normal activities. Global technologies such as the mobile phone and Internet applications, people can coordinate and communicate to help restore activities through negotiating travel, increasing situational awareness, and conducting online social interaction. Disasters have generally been viewed as non-routine events […]