Bachelors in Information Technology (BIT) program of Tribhuvan University  is designed by closely following the courses practiced in accredited international universities, subject to the condition that the intake students are twelve years of schooling in any stream or equivalent from any recognized board.

In addition to the foundation and core Information Technology courses, Bachelors in Information Technology (BIT) offers several elective courses to meet the undergraduate academic program requirement and to fulfill the demand for development and implementation of new technology.

Students enrolled in the four year BIT program of Tribhuvan University are required to take foundation and core courses of Information technology, courses of mathematics, statistics, management, economics, sociology, psychology, research methodology and technical writing, and some elective courses.

All undergraduate students are required to complete 120 credit hours of Information Technology and allied courses, and will have opportunity in the field of software development, information security, database administration, network and system administration, and in all the sectors that develop and/or use Information Technology.

List of BIT Colleges in Nepal 

सि.नं. क्याम्पस/कलेजको नाम ठेगना   सिट
पाटन संयुक्त क्याम्पस पाटनढोका ७२
अमृत क्याम्पस लैनचौर ३६
भक्तपुर बहुमुखी क्याम्पस भक्तपुर ३६
पद्यकन्या बहुमुखी क्याम्पस बागबजार ३६
वीरेन्द्र बहुमुखी क्याम्पस भरतपुर, चितावन ३६
महेन्द्र मोरङ आदर्श बहुमुखी क्याम्पस विराटनगर ३६
केन्द्रीय प्रविधि क्याम्पस धरान ३६
भैरहवा बहुमुखी क्याम्पस भैरहवा ३६
महेन्द्र बहुमुखी क्याम्पस नेपालगञ्ज ३६
१० सिद्धनाथ विज्ञान क्याम्पस महेन्द्रनगर ३६
११ रामस्वरुप रामसागर बहुमुखी क्याम्पस जनकपुर ३६
१२ ठाकुरराम बहुमुखी क्याम्पस वीरगञ्ज ३६
१३ डिग्री क्याम्पस विराटनगर ३६
१४ महेन्द्र बिन्देश्वरी बहुमुखी क्याम्पस राजविराज ३६
१५ सुर्यनारायण सत्यनारायण मर्वेता यादव बहुमुखी क्याम्पस सिरहा ३६
जम्मा सिट  ५७५


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