Chapter 7: Programming Concepts and Logics

Chapter 7: Programming Concepts and Logics Short Questions Answers 1.  What do you understand by 4GL? Give examples. Fourth generation language (4GL) is also a high level language. It uses simple English and mathematical statement, much simple than procedure oriented language. It is a non-procedural or problem oriented language. It allows the users to specify […]

Chapter 6: Operating system

Operating System Short Questions Answers 1. Explain the terms hardware interrupts and software interrupts. An interrupt is a signal generated by hardware or software components when they require time of CPU. Interrupts are usually given high priority by OS. When an interrupts occurs, processing task of CPU is stopped, interrupting task is executed after which […]

Chapter 5: Computer System

Chapter 5: Computer System | NEB Notes Short Answer Questions 1. What do you understand by storage media? Why CDROM are more reliable than the floppy diskettes? Storage media is the secondary memory of the computer. It is used for storing large amount of data for longer period of time. It is also used for […]


Chapter 3: NUMBER SYSTEM AND THEIR CONVERSION Short Answer Questions 1. Convert 333₁0 Denary numbers into Hexadecimal and back to base two number system. First converting, decimal to hexadecimal, 16 333 Remainder 13=D 16 20 4 16 1 1 0 Hence, (333)10 = (14D)16 Now, converting back to base two number system (i.e. binary number […]


Short Answer Questions 1. Define Boolean functions. Construct truth table for AND operation of Boolean algebra. A Boolean function is an expression formed by binary variables, binary operators OR, AND, unary operator NOT. Example: F=A’.B.C+A.B.C, where A, B, C are the Boolean variables, represents AND operation, + represents OR operation, represents NOT operation. AND operation: […]

After SEE (St. Xavier Based Practice Model Question)

St. Xavier BASED PRACTICE MODEL QUESTION Physics The energy of charged capacitor increases by 21 % when additional charge 2C is added to its plate. The charge on the capacitor previously is: 10 C 15 C 20 C 25 C   The power of a lamp is 40W at certain ac voltage. If the supply […]