Unit 3: Communication

1. Write a short paragraph defining the term blog. A short form for webblog is blog. It is like a diary on the Internet for anyone to read and respond to. The one who writes on blogs is called blogger. By using blogs a regular and systematic communication is carried out. A person of particular […]

Unit 2: Motivtion

Q.No.1. What motivates people at work? Look at the list and add your own ideas. Money – basic salary, bonus,… company package-training, long holidays,… work environment-fun, coffee lounge, quiet work space,… work relations-good relationship with colleagues,… personal factors -taking pride in your product or services, … company culture – no fat cats,… ANSWER There are […]

Unit 1: Achievement

1. Think of any five people who you think have achieved something significant. Give some reasons why you chose them. I would like to choose following five persons due to below mentioned reasons: Anuradha Koirala: She is the reputed woman personality who has been fighting against girl trafficking and various abuses committed against women. She […]


1. Write a reply to the letter accepting responsibility, giving explanations, and offering to exchange the goods 3rd March 2015 Dear Sir, We are very much sorry to hear about the unfit size of Pyjamas you had ordered and recently have been dispatched on 25th February. By going through all complaints and information you included […]


1. Write clear instructions to prepare one of your favorite recipes which is often enjoyed in your family. Preparing vegetable Mo:Mo  Ingredients – Some water – 200 grams cabbage   – spice (momo) – Gas Stove – 2 pieces of onions – slat, yellow powder – Mo:Mo pot – 200 grams of ripe tomato -dough […]

Brochures And Guides

1.  Write a text for a holiday brochure about a place where you have spent a holiday. Pokhara, The City of Bewitching Beauty Pokhara is known as the city of natural beauties and attractions. It lies in Kaski district, Gandaki zone, West part of national geography. It is one of the best tourist destinations of […]