1. Write clear instructions to prepare one of your favorite recipes which is often enjoyed in your family.

Preparing vegetable Mo:Mo


– Some water – 200 grams cabbage  

– spice (momo)

– Gas Stove – 2 pieces of onions – slat, yellow powder
– Mo:Mo pot – 200 grams of ripe tomato -dough not roller
– Some garlic cloves – oil – 200 grams flour

– other

At first cut the cabbage into small pieces on a large plate. After that make small pieces of onions, garlic, ginger or you make normal grinding them. Add some vege Mo:Mo spice onto the substance. As you have made ready it is called Kima. Now prepare some momo soup. Cut some tomato, onion and add other ingredients. Make it a liquid to eat momo with. Then start to make small piece of dough nut made from flour. Make thin flat pieces and pack them with kima as your designed sizes. After you have prepared all momo pieces, light the gas stove. Put the momo dish on it and pour some amount of water into the dish below. While the water is boiling, place the upper part of momo pot then place all the pieces of momo keeping all holes covered with them. After 10 to 12 minutes the momo is ready. It depends how much quantity you have to make. Now serve and dine the healthy vege mono.

 2. Instructions for using a record player or a camera.

A Record Player

Here are the instructions for using a record player:

  1. First make sure that the record player is in proper condition and whether it will be run by battery or electricity.
  2. Then uncover the covering set of record player and place it on appropriate place so that it will be audible to all target group.
  3. It is also good idea at this point to determine whether you are going to play or record the voice.
  4. Open the cassette lid by pressuring, the bottom marked EJECT.
  5. Put the cassette empty if you want to record your voice, with content if you . want to listen something.
  6. Turn on the PLAY button by balancing the VOLUME button as your requirement.
  7. If the presenting content is in the middle of the cassette press down the FORWARD button.
  8. Play the matter what you want then press the STOP if you want to PAUSE.
  9. If you are supposed to make recoding, set the appropriate RECORDING LEVEL indicator and run until you finish the recording. Then turn off the button.
3. Someone is going to borrow your house or flat while you are away, but you will not be able to talk to them. Write careful instructions for them concerning all the things they will need to know.



25 March, 2015

Dear Shankar,

I am very happy that you are going to use our flat in your wedding anniversary program. As we planned in our last meeting conversation you have to use it. It would be good for you if you followed following instructions.

First all, contact may neighbour Roshan who is running PCO next to my house, who will provide you the keys of the house. The letter ‘m’ indicated one is main gate’s key. Next thing you have to do is turn on the electricity mains that is off now. Then you can see all things clearly. Go to Dining hall and check how many chairs are set for the programs. I think there are fifty if they are not enough add some from the store. The drink is available at Rohit, next to Roshan’s manage it.

Now pay attention to few of our works too. Water the plant on the veranda and the passage. Don’t forget to provide meat and meal to Tammy in the Kennel. Now you can do everything according to your choice. The kitchen is well stand by if you like to cook anything. You told me that you will manage packed foods for your guests. Don’t get confused to bring musical instrument set from the store room which is at right corner. Small key will open it.

Please don’t forget to turn off the mains be leaving. Keep the keys in the same place where you took from. Don’t throw the wastage hither and thither. There is a huge red colored waste bin near the rest room. Enjoy party with good moment there. If any instant problems occur, please don’t heritage to contact me on my new number 9851051864.

Once again have a grand time there. Happy and merry 6th Wedding Anniversary to your lovely couple.

Best regards,


 4. Write instructions for someone who is going to look after your garden, or your young son or daughter. The instructions and explanations should be clear and simple, and they should take into account different circumstances that might arise.

 Instructions for looking after my garden

I am going to leave my garden letting you to look after a week. it is very creative and dedicated task you are going to perform. To accomplish this work perfectly you must be well familiar with some of the aspects and process. So please follow my guidelines minutely so that it will be very easy job to you.

Here are some instructions that will make you easy to look after my garden. Follow them carefully:

  1. First thing, you have to consider is the nature and location of my garden; it is in highly dry place.
  2. To start with, the indoor plants that ever need light and less water don’t water them frequently, only once a day.
  3. But pay special attention to flowering plants which are bloomed, blooming and budding. Water them at least three times a day.
  4. If you have completely cared about flowering plants, now look after the non flowering plants. They need water not so frequently but in large quantity.
  5. At the same time these tall and heavy plants need special support to firm them. Do this carefully.
  6. Now, care about nurseries where seeds are seedling and just planting. Water them with light force of water otherwise they will be stuck with soil and damaged.
  7. Clay the soil almost 10 sacks per day to set up new five nursery every time.
  8. If any of the plants are broken, damaged and withered remove them from rest of healthy plants as soon as possible.
  9. One thing you shouldn’t forget working in garden to keep the lights on and close the gate when you depart.
5. Write instructions for someone who is used to an automatic drive car about how to get from standstill up to top speed, and how to slow down and stop, in a car with normal gears.

How to use an Automatic Drive Car?

Here are the instructions about to use as automatic drive car in different moves:

Automatic drive car is little bit different from the manual car. But remember that before this you should be confirm about the adjusting your mirror, condition of lights, horns and wipers. If everything is ok let’s proceeding further to move an automatic car.

Now begin by stepping on the clutch. It is not like in manual car to disengage to start in automatic system. Once you have started the car, place your foot on the break and release the emergency break. To move forward, place the car into first gear. At the same time slowly, release the clutch, slowly apply pressure onto the gas pedal. To change the gear again disengages the clutch by pressing on the clutch pedal. Shift gears using the shifter. There must be proper balance between clutch, pedal and gas pedal. To increase the speed changes the gear similarly. But be careful about the forth coming passage whether it is straight or bending or turning one. While you are making change in clutch and gear remember that the engine should make some change in its sound. As you break the car, do it appropriately. It shouldn’t be abrupt otherwise the car will halt or skid on the road. If you are decreasing speed of your car, do it slowly saving gas and capacity of break. When you like to park it, see both mirrors where you want to move it towards. Never leave the car gear in neutral. Take the keys out of the ignition. If you have cover sheet place it over the car.

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