Q.No.1. What motivates people at work? Look at the list and add your own ideas.
  • Money – basic salary, bonus,…
  • company package-training, long holidays,…
  • work environment-fun, coffee lounge, quiet work space,…
  • work relations-good relationship with colleagues,…
  • personal factors -taking pride in your product or services, …
  • company culture – no fat cats,…


There are different factors that motivate people at work. If there is friendly environment, good work relation and handsome salary can be provided to the employees, they will normally motivate people.

Q.No.2. What motivates you at work?


I also get motivated if I have got some facilities at work. Basically, if there are democratic working environment, satisfactory payment, impartiality in treatment, facilitated office, rewarding package, targets to meet then, they will satisfy me working there smoothly.

Q.No.3. Read the story below and answer the questions.
  1. Where does the story take place?
  2. What was the man in the blue shirt doing?
  3. What were the other workers doing?
  4. How did the schoolboy react?

A story from the rice fields

Thirty years ago, when I was a schoolboy, I visited my uncle who for forty years had been the owner of a large farm in a remote village in India. One day he showed me the rice harvesting. About twenty workers were working hard but looking happy. One man wearing a blue shirt was doing less work than the others and stood talking and gesturing. He seemed to be telling jokes and the other workers often burst into laughter.

I said to my uncle, ‘Have you noticed the man in the blue shirt? We’ve been watching the others work but he hasn’t done anything since we arrived! He’s just been telling jokes and talking. Shouldn’t you talk to him?”

My uncle laughed and said he didn’t need to. That man had been travelling rounds the country for years telling jokes and stories to people he met along the way. I met him on the road just near here and could tell he had a gift so I decided to employ him to tell my workers stories.”


  1. The story takes place in a farm in India.
  2. The man in blue shirt was telling jokes and stories to the workers.
  3. The other workers were working hard listening to the jokes and stories.
  4. He was surprised and suggested that his uncle talk to the main.

Q.No.4. Why do you think the uncle employed the man in the blue shirt to tell jokes an stories? Have you ever worked with someone like that? Does this story have implications for contemporary businesses?


The uncle employed the man in the blue shirt to help improve staff morale. Yes, I have also worked in the similar situation. When I was young studying in high school, I used to go to fields to cut paddy with parents and other people. The boring job of cutting paddy used to be very interesting with different stories and jokes which were told by the seniors. We also could work longer and committed way. Further we used to set target to complete before snacks or departing time, so we would work getting entertained with jokes and stories. The stories used to have some morale. Similar types of things can’t be applied in modern and contemporary businesses directly though, the team work, setting target, funny environment, friendly dealing, etc. can be very useful qualities at present days business working places too.

Q.No.5. Imagine you work in a medium-sized office. Which of the following do you think would help motivate people?
  • a coffee machine
  • a casual clothes policy
  • unlimited access to the Internet
  • an open-plan layout
  • piped music
  • humor


Among the list of above mentioned things the following will motivate me much   because of below mentioned reasons:

A coffee machine

If I’m one of the workers in a medium sized office, I desire to have sip of coffee at least twice of a working day. Continuous working causes or makes feel monotonous which is very natural. Being tired and bored it is not possible to go out to have hi tea or coffee of our choice. It is time consuming as well as sometimes office chair should not be kept without person.

While having chance or facility of making my own coffee in the coffee machine that motivates me to focus and continue work longer hours. It saves times as well as brings concentration to the tasks. Any time I can have coffee made from the machine kept at any corner of my office. It is not normally so costly either. If the employees pay keen attention, there will be better outputs automatically. A just a cup of coffee may focus one to have fresh mood. There is also a scientific reason that caffeine contained in coffee makes user alert so that I can never have laziness and sleepy mood. It looks standard for me and me like employees to set their coffee with their own and continue work with its sip. This will really be a motivating factor among many. As my feeling mentioned above other workers will have similar experiences.

A casual clothes policy

 Another motivating factor that encourages me to have better work in the office I can be a casual clothes policy. It seems neat and uniformity to have uniform in any office. But to be ever decorated in assigned dresses consumes times. This dress up time can be utilized to make ourselves fresh, to do some work and to shift one work to another. If I am the student cum employee, I feel easier and more comfortable to set out to office straight after my college. This will suit me to be flexible to my study and to my work.

Another reason why employees feel better without having strict uniform policy is feeling of comfort and causality. Without formal dress up one feel easier to work and move here and there. To stick one place in fixed and tight uniform is really boring one. Let’s take an example. Most of employees feel odd and difficult to have tie on their neck. Sometimes they can’t manage to make it or not so easy to wear it on. If casual clothes policy is applied frequently, it will be effective way to increase the workers’ motivation, dedication and productivity.

Unlimited access to the Internet

Internet has become the best source of getting information and ideas of any subject you like. In the working environment, if there is access of unlimited Internet, there will be positive attitudes of workers. Normally, there is a negative concept having access of Internet to all employees in the companies or offices. The reality is that positive attitude is the greatest assert.

If the workers have tasks perform related to computer, information, communication, business, international relation, etc., Internet access becomes vital one. No one lingers unlimitedly towards surfing Internet, social network, etc. because everyone has to accomplish the target assigned. All workers will feel free and good if there is anytime Internet facility. When there is high level of satisfaction and guided by positive attitude, this is the chance to have optimum productivity. So the company employers should target about works, duties and responsibilities if so having Internet access is positive enforcement to workers.


The more democratic environment is exercised in any office, the better productivity will be gained. Either by controlling the employees or providing handsome payment employers have run the management. Equally important factor is friendly working environment in the offices.

At present time all workers wish to have friendly environment in the work places. In humorous situation people’s working efficiency increases, stress will be reduced and hierarchy complex will be less painful. The boss addressing and assigning the workers with smile and positive attitude, workers will bring better outputs. Either the manager to the section officer to peon all is staff. If one thinks and behaves as an office family, it will be more productive. All working day will be cheerful, funny, calm, stress less, and friendly. It is already proven fact that if working places are humorous and friendly dealings, it will be the most suitable one.

People’s creativity, attention, positive feelings and better working mood are created in unstressed and non-dominated environment. A managers’ duty can be to assign the works and manage all the staff. But if this is done in friendly and jolly ways, all will work better assuming him their supporter and well-wisher being senior.

 Q.No.6. Put the verbs in brackets into an appropriate form.
  1. How long (learn) English?
  2. When (have) your first English lesson?
  3. How long (be) in your present job?
  4. When (start) your present job?
  5. What (work on) so far today?
  6. What (be) your main achievements at work this year?
  7. When (be) the last time you (laugh) at work?
  8. You ever (think) about changing your job?


  1. How long have you been learning English?
  2. When did you have your first English lesson?
  3. How long have you been in your present job?
  4. When did you start your present job?
  5. What have you been working on so far today?
  6. What have been your main achievements at work this year?
  7. When was the last time you laughed at work?
  8. Have you ever thought about changing your job?
 Q.No.7.  Your team has just come to the end of a long but successful marketing campaign. Everyone is exhausted. You have another big project coming up in a few week’s time. What is best for your team in the meantime?
  • a compulsory holiday
  • a karaoke night (calling reputed guest singer for the entertainment)
  • a fun event, for example, paintball
  • a team-building course
  • a team weekend away
  • ….


Our team has just come to the end of a long but successful marketing campaign. Everyone is exhausted. Still, we have another big project coming up in a few weeks’ time. In this situation following factors can be the options to keep the zeal of this present team alive and bring productive result as we did in ex-project.

We should have balance of work and rest. Toils and recreations should be brought side by side. In this case if a compulsory a week paid holiday is managed to all of us, we will be vibrated to settle the upcoming project. Sometimes only holiday might provide less entertainment and refreshment. That is why a special fun event might make them relaxed and refreshed. After the refreshment, the spirit of team work should be charged by conducting a team building course. All the pillars of building should be equally strong among themselves, so are all the staff of any company.

Similarly, to build the team to work with similar vibration as they did in last project, reward and honour program can be conducted. If the team is honoured and garlanded among the public with due respect and care, surely they will create the efficiency and energy to better achievement in upcoming big projects. But major thing is the attitude of all team members that they should be vibrant, positive, punctual and dedicated to works.

Q.No.8 Vocabulary Write antonyms for the following words.


terrific terrible

assuming – unamusing

overworked – underworked

quick fix – no antonym

misunderstand – understand

motivated – demotivated, unmotivated

counter productive – productive

team player- individualist

short coming – strength, advantage, merit

enthusiasm – disappointment, pessimism

Q.No.9 Levels of formality

Imagine your dream job has been advertised. Write a letter of application outlining your education and work experience, and saying why you think you would be suitable for the job. Make sure you use a suitable greeting in your letter.


Kalimati, Kathmandu

May 4, 2015

The Director

Janata Bank Ltd.

New Baneshwor

Kathmandu, Nepal

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am applying for the position of Front Desk Officer which was advertised in The Himalayan Times, yesterday.

I am an energetic and smart girl of 20. At present, I am continuing my academic degree as Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) second year. I have keen interest to work as a professional front desk officer. I have also worked in the same sector for a couple of years in ABC Trade Link Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu.

I have good spoken and written English. Moreover, I have also taken special package training on ‘Personality Development and Public Relation’. I am fully positive, confident and an optimistic person to work in this area. I can convince the people very comfortably and positively. I am also well familiar about the nature and process at obstacle handling and conduct front desk documentation and processing. If I am granted a chance to work in your office, I assure you I will perform my best to bring best outputs. I will also convince you with my work.

I will be available at anytime for the interview via 9851051864 (my personal contact). I have submitted all information in my personal details CV.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Hira Mainali

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