1. Write an article about the different types of newspapers or magazines in your country

Different types of newspaper in Nepal

Media is normally taken as the fourth organ of the state. Among its various wings newspapers have huge impacts in general public and as a whole to all. It is umbrella discipline which covers so many sectors, categories, disciplines and aspects of life. So, more than 650 newspapers are actively providing services no matter they represent as daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and others.

With regard to classification of the newspapers, we can divide them into different sectors on the basis of the areas they highlight, the context they include and the readers they target. Majorly political, cultural, socio-economic, business, tourism, health, personality, informative like a number of sectors they occupy.

Regarding to the occurrence of newspapers there are daily newspapers like ‘The Kathmandu Post’, ‘The Rising Nepal’, ‘The Kantipur’, ‘The Samachar Partra’, ‘Annapurna Post’, ‘Naya Patrika’, ‘Rajdhani’, ‘The Himalayan Times’, ‘The Republica are daily public newspaper. Moreover, they can be classified as the nationwide coverage which are unlikely to domestically conducted newspapers. They also come under the category of highly popular and established newspapers.

As to the period of publication, some newspapers or magazines occur during each week called weekly, fortnightly and per month or monthly. Such types are ‘Saptahik’ ‘Nepal’, ‘Himal’. But we can see the specific discipline and issue are highlighted by some newspapers like The Karobar. The Aviyan, which are mostly connected to economic issues of the nation.

From the possession point of views, most of the newspapers are privately run but ‘The Gorkhapatra’ is run by government supervision. Though run by corporation it is regarded to include mostly government notice, news, programs and other coverages. But some newspapers like Dristi, Punarjagaran, Deshantar, Jana Astha, Ghatana Ra Bichar like newspapers are directly related to any of the political parties and accordingly they impart their services.

2. Write an article about the different types of Games or Sports.

Different types of Games or Sports

Sport is directly related to health as well as the nationality. The core purpose of conducting various games remains for fun too. There occurs competition either between two individuals, groups, clubs, nations or any panels. As regards to the origination of sports, it gives back to thousand year date when any form of sport started. We can categories the sports according to the players involved into it. It can be individuals compete with individuals like boxing, wrestling, long jump, high jump, chase, gymnastic where one individual has to defeat the next individual.

On the other hand, on the basis of nature and coverage of games played, there can be category like indoor games and outdoor games. Chess, table tennis, etc. come under indoor games, whereas football, volleyball, cricket, dandibiyo, kabardi, baseball, basketball, which have teams in competitions played by a group of players: they are outdoor games. Skiing, Bungee jumping, mountain climbing, rafting, paragliding like sports come under the adventurous category which have great impact in personal life.

Broadly seeing some sports have international influence and many countries involve in playing them. Football, cricket, wrestling, basketball, swimming like games have been exercised world widely and competed among the nations and groups. Basically, in ICC cricket championship, under twenty, fifty-fifty over games are some highlight of cricket. Football tournaments are also of significant exercise. Basically who will win the Trophy of World Cup becomes a great matter of concern along with the highlighted players.

Though date back to ancient times, people have been conducting various sports for recreation, power, dignity, business or popularity based on various nations. This sector has become one of the most influential areas of our life at present.

3. Write an article about the different types of countries.

Different types of Countries

The area of any nation demarcated by its territory is called a country. The countries of the world can be divided into various categories on the basis of different criteria. Normally, we understand the world as developed, least developed and developing countries having their existence in different regions of the global.

From the economic system’s perspective the countries of the world can be divided into (a) capitalism (b) communism and (c) semí – capitalism and semi communism. There seems a conflict between the nations guided by two different economic systems. In capitalist economic system, there is free competition of trade and business. But absolute communism guided countries have strict economic provisions. Some world highlighted nations like America, Canada, Australia can be put under this system. On the other hand, China and other countries have communism in economic system.

As to the existence of the countries in regard to their geography, they can be put under the categories of landlocked and non-landlocked countries. Similarly the global has been divided into seven different continents as Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Antarctica, South America, etc.

More than other aspects, the economic aspect has decisive role in the influence of any country. We can see United States of America, China, Japan, Korea, England like countries have world influence at present. Still, trade, industries, technologies, etc. have determined how the nations are heading further. At present context too, it is great debatable issue that which countries have great influence in the world.

4. Write an article about the different types of films.

Different types of Films

Films or movies are normally taken as the sources of entertainment that have long history of their development. Movies can be divided into various categories according to the subjects they included, the nature they are performed, the qualities they include and other criteria.

In a novice understanding, we have understood the fact that films/ movies are normally three categories – Comedy, tragedy and action movies. But there can be a number of categories with different qualities. As to feature the movies from the perspectives of how and where they originate from, they are divided into Hollywood, Bollyhood and Kolliwood. The English medium and represent English culture are under Hollywood group. The Hindi medium and these based movies can be placed under Bollywood categories. Similarly, the Nepali language based movies are termed as the Kalliwood movies.

According to the features included in them, the movies are termed as adventure which is related to heroic journey, hard actions and tours. Similarly, the movies that have sense of thrilling and shocking in action and features can are called horror films. Some movies are solely based on wars and movements taken place in different historical times and places can be termed as war films.

Sometimes some movies are generated on the basis of literary creation are called drama films. Some examples like Muna Madan, ‘PK’, ‘Little women’ such movies have depicted real life situations in them. This era is vibrated with action movies. Various usual and unusual actions are included to have huge impression in the audience. Action movies have twisted plots and thrilling stories and actions. Some films are also under category of dance films having features of song and dance in all scale. Gauthali is the best example of this dance film.

5.Write an article about the different types of jobs.

Different types of Jobs

Jobs are various professions people involve to work. There are a number of options for work in different sectors. The channels between employer and employee have generated the conditions of jobs. We normally understand that there are full-time and part-time jobs but there are many more sectors and titles for jobs.

One type of job is the permanent job which has particular norms and conditions to work up to particular time frame but s/he can’t be taken out from the job. Opposite to permanent job, there is private job which is recruited by employers according to requirement and can be fired out according to their choice.

As regard to time of work, we can categories the jobs, as full-time job and part time job. Fixed working time at least as made agreement comes under full-time work while part-time works don’t have rigidity of working time frame.

There are innumerable professions/jobs as we see exercised in our day to day life. Some jobs are created by the workers themselves such jobs can be called as self-employed works. Some agents play dynamic roles to perform verities of works, then such people do commission-based employment.

In some corporate business houses and organizations like banks, hospitals, NGOs, etc. there are probation period jobs. This means in case the person cannot make better performance during the period s/he will be evaluated wrongly. This can be called probationary employment..

Some works are of very interesting sectors and places where people are willing to involve though there is no guarantee of payment. Such works are also called voluntary works. Social works, public welfare, orphanage, elderly care, public sanitation, community reformation campaign, public awareness campaign, etc. are some instances of voluntary works.

There are as many progresses, improvement, human luxuries and facilities the more chances of employment have been generated.

6. Write a story about someone who does something unusual, and who is disliked for it.

Unusual Manner

I reside in a systematic accommodation. We have organized society and community in this town though we migrated from the hilly region of country. All the members of this dwelling area are docile and co-operative. But I have noticed some of the activities and manners of one of the senior members is unusual.

When I encounter with him in this periphery, he speaks less but he seems very introvert. People hardly go into his bangalow. Last week there was function in our neighborhood. All the residents were gathering on the grand occasion to honour the elderly couple who had crossed 106 years. But I noticed the very person participated for a moment and hurriedly went into his residence. His get up was also peculiar one. Some personal guests used to visit him often. No one had any doubt about him. He was a social to all.

As I saw a girl entered into his residence in the evening, we were sitting outside of the building. We planned to know about his reality of life. I discussed with other three people and decided to enter into his home. To our surprise, he had affair with that teenage girl. Actually he was widower for five years. We became surprised looking all that. We had an ideal view to that respected gentleman but he had made his pious building a brothel.

Then we called the meeting of all community members and discussed about that unusual behaviour of that middle fifties years old man. We decided to warn not to repeat such evil deeds again. As we made him agree to reject such habits, we signed bi-laterally. It was really shocking experience I have ever felt in my two decade’s stay in the town.

7. Write an article about recent changes in the roles of men and women in your country.

Roles of Men and Women

In the name of modernism and development, there have occurred a number of changes in the ways we live our life. In other words, the traditions and culture have been evolved differently for last few years. Similarly, the roles of men and women have also been drastically changed during some decades.

Our country Nepal is mostly guided by patriarchal and partly matriarchal systems. So, there seems a shift in the level and traditions of behaving and providing respect to female. There was big question raised while matter of female education was in discussion before few years. Now, more women are normally encouraged to have access of the education. Most of females were not allowed to have jobs and busy in various professions but now the situation has been changed. Awareness level is developed as well as only males hardly sustain the family.

As to discuss about position of women in the family (basically) and in the community, it has faced radical change. Previously, only males used to decide to have begotten children, to have made decisive decisions and all business dealings of any family. But at present, women’s words are also accountable i.e. women’s views are also included. In few decades back love marriages used to be rejected. If any women dared to adopt love marriage, it was normally rejected by society. But now selecting would be husband and wife there is almost freedom to men and women as the guardians to their children or as marriageable candidates.

Another aspects of changing role exercised in our day to day life is how to address to our parents. Previously, mother was called as Amma and father was called Baba and grandparents used to be called as Baje and Bajai. But Gradually granpa, granny, Pa, Dad, Mom are in use. From personal dignity perspective to overall social position the roles of men and women seem gradually shifting.

In social institutions, political sectors and polices formation zones more and more women have presentation in comparison to past. Thus, we hardly find similar roles they have to play at present as in few years back.

8. Write a short article on the advantages and disadvantages of supermarkets compared with small shops.

Supermarkets Vs. Small Shops

There are different natures of business. Some businesses are run systematically in sophistically built infrastructures. On the other hand, some businesses are run in nooks and corners simply made and run. In term of price, location, availability of goods, etc. supermarkets and small shops have some differences and similar aspects.

Supermarkets are conducted or established in the systematic buildings having a lot of choices of goods within same roof the customers can purchase what they like. One advantage of such business is time saving. Customers need not to wander here and there in search of demanded products. But there can be disadvantages of such centers. Public have no bargaining while buying goods. There is comparatively higher the cost of goods. They are higher in size and decoration having facilities of parking, dining, and taking rest. Anyone who wishes to buy something or doesn’t buy can make a visit. Many people make trip there though not to buy anything.

On the other hand, small shops are set up with low investment because supermarkets need huge investment and grand plans. But to conduct small shops we can set them up anywhere we feel comfortable. It costs low investment and can be easier to run too. This is normal shop run individually having less number of manpower but supermarkets require a lot of working force. Though small shops have limited amount of products they are fresh and newly brought goods. They are not stored and displayed long time as in supermarket. Sometimes stale and defects things can be found there.

Small shops have low-duration products sometimes and anyone can buy in bargaining process. Individual face to face bargaining is not used in case of supermarket shopping since there is record and machine counted selling and watched by CC TV. Thus, both business locations can have advantages and drawbacks in providing their services.

9.  Write a short article on how to learn a foreign language.

How to learn a foreign language?

There are various ways and techniques in learning foreign language. It is not so easy to learn foreign language. At first, one should have passion to learn such language. If one’s foreign language is English she should concern about how to learn it. The English speaking pattern should be listened and practised well. If possible one has to talk with English native speaker. It is also helpful to watch movies which are in English medium. One shouldn’t hesitate to speak though it is not fully correct. On the one hand, one should be familiar with grammar and structure. One should be well familiar with communicative ways of English language. It is better to read English newspapers, magazine and contents in English medium. If one becomes concern and interested in learning English language, it is very obvious that one can be good at English.

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