1. Write a short paragraph defining the term blog.

A short form for webblog is blog. It is like a diary on the Internet for anyone to read and respond to. The one who writes on blogs is called blogger. By using blogs a regular and systematic communication is carried out. A person of particular profession has included all the basic features and content of his discipline, subject or services in it. Actually, I don’t have my personal blog but I read others.

From social communication perspective blog writing has become famous among a group or particular sector. One mentions about an issue that is commented and complimented by other people who read it. Blogging is a process of continually adding information and ideas on it.

2. Read the extract from Naked Conversations and answer the questions.

Blogging is the first technology to enable a simple conversation to go instantly global. It’s the first to decentralize corporate communications, wrestling it from those who historically controlled it, and it eliminates many of the geographic barriers that have restricted relationships between people sharing similar interests.

On one hand, a blog may simply be a tool, but on the other hand that tool is one of the most powerful components to emerge so far in a communication revolution that has been going on for quite some time and is now reaching its tipping point. The revolution is about the way businesses communicate, not just with customers but with their entire constituencies – partners, vendors, employees, prospects, investors, and the media.

Chances are highly likely that if people aren’t talking about your company in blogs today, they will possible factual errors. If you ignore the blogsphere – the term used to describe the global network of blog postings – you won’t know what people are saying about you. You can’t learn from them, and they won’t come to see you as a sincere human who cares about your business and its reputation.

If you choose to join the conversation, your company will be the better for it, and your customers will be happier. You will develop better products and services by enjoying their collective wisdom, and you will save a ton of money by dumping expensive marketing tactics that not only don’t work, but annoy the people they target.

  1. What is unique about blogging?
  2. What effect blogging having on businesses?
  3. Why should businesses pay attention to blogs?


  1. It allows people to communicate with each other very quickly and world widely.
  2. It is changing the way they communicate with consumers, other people and organizations connected to their businesses.
  3. They can provide better products, services, and save money.
3. When do you switch your mobile phone off? When do you keep it on? Would you ever keep it on during a meeting?

I normally switch my mobile phone off when I am driving, queuing in bank, solving difficult office work, studying in the class, facing interviews, meeting the VIPs, sitting in seminars, etc. In small carelessness there may happen a serious problem in one’s life. For example, an accident might happen, whole meeting may get disturbed. Moreover, I never talk with people in the rest room, on elevator, while climbing up/ down the stairs, restricted places, near other machinery items.

I keep the phone on being in the hospital, on the travel, sitting in the room, in lunch hour. I keep it on during the meeting period but either within mute mode or on vibrating mode, so that meeting won’t get disturbed. Moreover, while I am in the plane, worshipping gods, visiting museums, libraries, etc. places my phone remains in silence mode.

4. Do you ever buy things online? Have you ever done your supermarket shopping online? Do you think it’s a convenient way to shop? Can you name any British supermarkets?

Yes, I have bought different goods and things online. In the 21st century the technology has facilitated so many things to buy online. Online shopping has become a fashion at present. I have purchased clothes, foot wares, food, gadgets via online. Some online markets I am very familiar with are www.amazon.com, www.quicker.com, www.alibaba.com, www.cardekho.com, etc.

In our country, very less number of people do online supermarket shopping. Very few times I have done supermarket shopping. There are basically www.kyamu.com, www.hamrobazzar.com, etc. online shopping and similar off line supermarkets available. If we see globally www.flipkart.com, www.ebay.com like internationally accessible online marketing is available.

If we have shortage of time, physically very rush to approach to supermarkets and shopping centres, online shoppings become really convenient ones. Though it seems much more standard and neat to do such shopping, comparatively it becomes more expensive to do from online shopping. We are rarely familiar with British supermarkets. I am familiar with only the supermarket named Tesco.

5. Write the advantages and disadvantages of national and cable TV vs. satellite

National and cable TV Vs. Satellite TV

Television is a device of presenting audio visual matter at the same time. TV, in short, has become an integral part of our life in gaining proper information and entertainment. It is set in from a very simple house to luxurious palaces. There can be both merits and demerits in using national and cable TV and satellite TV in our life.

In normal day to day requirement, we get national and cable TV with its antenna to watch our desired channels. It is easier to install and turn on the power button and delight the contents reflected on it. Cable TV is adjusted with wire in the required location. Some communities that run cable TV channels have used some barriers and restrictions in watching, payment and limitation of coverage. Cable TV can’t have clear and quality location catch and quality reflection on TV set. It may have terminal disturbances and disconnections in services. The audience get benefited as well as face some problems in utilizing the services via national and cable TV network.

On the other hand, satellite TV is comparatively of better quality and wide coverage. If it is connected, it can have better connection and catch where cable TV can’t have done properly. If multiple channel options are connected, both types of TV connections can be adjusted at the same time. Satellite TV resembles more expensive to adjust and not applicable technology to all regions and every customer. In using both technologies we get benefited to some extent though we can’t be free of problems at the side. We have to be benefited utilizing these TV connections to absorb better quality and shows.

 6. Write the advantages and disadvantages of restrictions on imports of foreign films and music vs. no restrictions.

Restrictions on imports of foreign films and music Vs. no restrictions

There can be many advantages and disadvantages of restrictions on imports of foreign films and music. In doing so, there occur many advantages to benefits in term of national economy, culture and identity of any nation. If we ban foreign films and music, there is less chance to have cultural influence. Through films and music a human culture, art, life style and overall aspects are exercised in our land. People start to copy western (foreign) culture. That lessens our concept of nationality and patriotism. We can see that at present most of so called modern educated people enjoy English and Hindi films and music rather than Nepali. This is great tragedy to our life. So openness of importing music and films from aboard is not beneficial to any nation and society.

It we restrict to import foreign films and music, there is better chances to flourish our own language, culture and identity. The foreignomina of people will be less in impact and let’s build ours at first only then respect other’s’ concept will be fruitful. We can see that due to advanced technology and facility, we can easily have access of any thing remain in the globe. So to know about the world is good but forgetting ours and being crazy towards others should be eliminated from our mentality and day to day life.

7. Write the advantages and disadvantages of dubbing vs. subtitles.

Dubbing Vs. Subtitles

With the advancement of technology in screen world there are a number of new devices and mechanisms used such as dubbing and subtitles. To adopt these facilities in movies and video there can be both advantages and disadvantages.

In dubbing movies there is imitation of all voices and picture using another language keeping similar level of facial, eye contact and over all gestures. The characters used in the movie speak the code (language) with similar pattern and gesticulation. In doing so the audiences are deprived of listening original version of sound. Some films are presented via cartoon to delight the children. Some super hit English and Bollywood films have been dubbed in Nepali and other languages. In doing so there is a target of making better business. While watching dubbed movies, the dubbed dialogues don’t like to be similar with characters’ presentation. Some dubbed movies are like Titanic, Spiderman, Children Cartoon movie Moomin, etc. In comparison to subtitle it becomes obviously very expensive too.

Dubbed films cover a complete text via dialogue but in subtitles everything mayn’t be included. There are many voices left and only highlighted dialogue bits (pieces) are shown at the bottom of the screen. It is easier to understand to watch the movie looking at subtitle. It is cheaper and easier to include subtitle in any movie to dub it. Again it depends on the interest of the audience what they craze to watch at and want to see with subtitle is major concern. Anyway both technologies have merits and drawbacks. Having dubbing or subtitles the movies can have large number of audiences so it helps to flourish the business too. Since having proper cut and edit subtitle may have left a complete chain of conversation. Though it resembles to be expensive, the curious audience can get complete delight of movie with dubbed setting.

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