1. Write a story about a real or imaginary house or other building which has something mysterious about it.

A Haunted House

I got a mysterious experience in living in new residence recently. It was a matter of last month, I shifted to new house. Actually, the house was belonged to my friend, Ramesh. He and his newly married spouse, Binita lived in that house ever since they bought it one year back. Once, Ramesh had shared me that he had got unusual experience living in that house. But I didn’t pay any attention for the matter.

Last month, my friend’s couple decided to go abroad for business. They had done the process for two years. One day Ramesh called me to his house and requested me to look after his house since he was going to Australia. The house was at prime location from my office. I talked to my wife and we came to conclusion to shift in the new residence. As we managed all packing and binding we called a vehicle and carried all our belongings to the new house. We made all decoration and setting in it. Ramesh’s flight came shortly. They flew away to abroad.

After then, we started to stay in three-storey’s building at the top flat. We had to look after whole house. There were some renters at the ground and first floors too. After a week later, we got unusual experience at night. We were sleeping, there was a strange noise from outside building. The house was at isolated location. We didn’t pay any attention for that. By and by we became very frightened knowing that the house was haunted by some superpower. We were in problem what to do then. Rest of the rent holders have already shifted from that house.

It was too difficult for us to stay there any longer. We consulted the local police station but they made fun of our problem. After that, we decided to inform to our friend. He convinced us that there was nothing as such. It was very  frightening so we decided to leave that house. So, we came to next house i the neighbouring direction. Now I still remember that the house was strange at night living there. really

2. Write a story of a competition in which you, or someone you know, took part.

The Story of a Competition

From my school days I had keen interest in extra curricular activities (ECA). More than class study, I used to pay attention to other activities. As I passed SLC I got chance to join for higher studies. I found college life totally different from school days.

When I was studying in bachelor level, I had got a good chance to take part in sports programs. Actually, the annual campus day was the occasion; whole week was the sports competitions. Like my colleagues, I participated in running. The race was 100 and 400 metres race. More than two dozen students from all

faculties and levels had taken part. As the race day was nearing, I had to do much practice. Early morning I used to get up at 5 o’clock. I had to rush as morning race. I used to feel tired and boring. As I remembered the competitors, I used to be inspired to run much.

One day my father came to my residence. Actually, I used to stay away from family. He also encouraged me to take part in the tournaments and stand at the top level. Then I got inspired to stand on the first position. Sooner the day of real race arrived. I was on line of more than twenty students. I had only thought that I would be first in both 100 and 400 meters races. I was very ready position. As there was command to ‘Go’ I took up the high speed. I completed 100 meter race within 15 seconds standing on the first position. After an hour next (400 metre) race was about to begin.

Like the earlier race I was in full confidence to be the winner. I had already won the race in 100 meters. I had top level of hope to exceed to all participants. As race started I slowly picked up my speed. By and by I was at the optimum level of movement. Eventually, I won both races; I would get two gold medals for that. I went home tired and hungry. To my surprised, my father had already himself prepared a delicious meal for me. He also gave me a surprise gift, a golden watch for my victory. Then I realized that if their children are on right track and become successful, parents normally get top happiest experience. My victory in race encouraged me to have better study and career afterwards.

 3. Write a story of changing from one house or flat to another.

Moving into Residence

Have you ever moved into new flat from one place to another? Mostly, those people who stay away from home for either study, business or job purpose have such experience often. But it is not very easy and exciting work to change the accommodation.

Though there are no any legal agreements as such to the normal tenants, in corporate level official residence there applies the legal agreement. I also have moved into new flat recently. At first we fixed the place where we were supposed to stay. Then we fixed it paying some advance. After that the boring job began of packing and assembling goods and belongings.

I contacted the neighbouring shops and managed to have some pieces of cartoons and sacks. Then I called my friends Anu and Asmit to assist us in packing things. There are countless but useful items brought into room. We started to collect things group wise. Stationery things were packed in one sack, books were kept in four cartoons and personal used things are kept in another box. Similarly, the furniture were dissembled and parted and piled.

The scene of my would be leaving flat was that of earthquake destruction. By and by all the useful things were kept into the baggages and packages. I found a few packages were thrown there as useless things by the end. Our vehicle came to deliver the goods and we loaded them. It was the distance of 45 minutes to new settlement. Everyone on the neighbouring houses was feeling sad in our departure. It was natural to have separation after years of intimacy and socializing. Anyway, we had to abide them. We reached to spot. It was another difficult job to unload the belongings. Some items were glassy and fragile. Alertness must be applied to place them. I paid the driver with his demanded fare. Our tedious job started afterwards. We started to arrange the things from 2 PM and it was almost 7 PM to have a normal type of arrangement and decoration. Then I told all to go to neighbouring restaurant to have supper since there was no change to dine. It was new to us and our kids. But within a week everything and everyone became families and friendly to us.

4. Write an outline of a film that you have seen recently.

Bollywood’s Super-Duper Hit: “PK”

“PK” is a bollywood’s super-duper hit film directed by Rajkumar Hirani and mainly acted by bollywood superstar, Amir Khan. The other renowned supporting characters of the film are Anushka Sharma, Sushant Rajput Singh, Saurab Shukla, Sanjay Datta, Boman Irani, etc. The film has been able to earn more than 700 corers Indian Currency during the beginning phases of its performance.

“PK” has very unique and serious story in it. As an Alien, Amir Khan happens to come to this earth, full of cheaters and frauds. He immediately gets experience of cheating the moment his ‘Remote Control’ is stolen by so called the messenger of god. The remote is the key any using this the Alien can go back his home planet from this earth. Then story of the film advances towards search of the Remote. The protagonist, Amir Khan goes to police station for inquiry. They report him it might be stolen by god. After that innocent and humble person, Amir starts searching about the God. He buys a God’s statue. That leads him to encounter with beggars and other people. He visits various religious places belonged to Hinduism, Buddhism and others.

The Hero is in search of God. He makes publicity of God by pasting pamphlets on various directions. ‘Missing God’ becomes very popular publicity. The story has very good turning at the beginning when the hero encounters with heroine, Anushka Sharma. She becomes surprised and sympathized to PK’s attitude and character. Though she has understood about the missing remote and might be taken by so called messengers of religious people, Babajee. She does not trust PK instantly. The problem of the film is loss of Remote finding it and bringing the reality into public.

Anushka Sharma becomes very supportive and caring to PK by and by. Her relation is created with PK himself while searching of Remote. Actually, that Remote becomes a key to go back to Alien’s (Amir Khan’s) own home. That is possible to be found by the end. Along with its finding film has exposed the so called religious people and the fraud nature and their control over innocence people.

The film is very interesting with its theme of God and real existence of God. It has brought the message of integrity among different religions. To bring the naked reality into public is real target of the film. The innocence, humble and honest character of the chief protagonist, Alien is real nature of human beings but all are totally modified and changed who are living on this earth. Alien. returns to his home and again he comes back to this earth for the further researchers. It has justified the reality and shown the truth. It brings message about appearance and reality, innocence to cheating like aspects.

The movie “PK” is full of funs and interesting incidents because of this fact million of audience have liked it much. The instance of condom in the recording office for teaching PK his queries is really interesting. While PK is checking hospital bed’s child which religion the child is belonged to is very amusing. Again, the various situations when PK misunderstands and behaves accordingly are interesting subjects. The chief character PK wearing helmet and his mixed male and female dress ups are very laughable matters. The scene of moving cars set profession and taking money are other funny points. When PK is reaching to church with Agarbatti and flowers and God’s statue reference are other colorful presentations. In fact the name PK and its utterances is really appealing. These aspects make the movie full of interesting matters.

In conclusion, I liked the film very much with its theme, story and intended message. I would like to recommend all people to watch it once. It has brought the message that we should trust the God, which you have faith not the artificial God created by and any group and messenger like that.

5. Write a story of how you, or someone you know, managed to get a job that you (or he or she) really wanted.

Success to Get the Dream Job

When I was six year old, I was in grade one. I had many classmates but Ganga Shilwawl was very special one since then to the present. Her attitudes to social works and public service were indescribable. At the age of six-seven, she had such passion. Who she was inspired from I couldn’t notice she used to tell me that she was going to have best job in WHO, one of the UN branches.

Ganga was medium in class study but ever top most in extra curricular activities. She ever kept her study at second position giving first priority to public service. I remember now, when she was in grade seven she had to rescue the flood victims in Terai with District Red Cross team. All the teachers and her friends were spell-bounded seeing her passion. Ganga was ever busy either in empowering the uneducated people in her community or involved in sanitation and cleanliness. When she passed SLC exams in good division she didn’t go to town as most of her friends. She completed her +2 science from village college. Then she had desire to study Nursing. She went to Kathmandu and started to prepare for entrance exam. She became successful to enlist her name in free quota. Her nursing study was going on smoothly. During that tight schedule study Ganga often used to go to her village and continued her previous social works.

After completing her nursing study Ganga wanted to apply in UN’s WHO organization. This international organization used to keep office in all countries. Ganga collected all her experiences, portfolio and full personal history and sent her documents to apply for the WHO, Nepal Department. After going through all details about Ganga, the Selection Committee recruited her into a dignified post. Now Ganga is still working in the respected post and conducting a wide range of social works mobilizing various programs. Her twenty-five years’ effort and invaluable work has made her to get the job she really wanted.

From her life and history we can get lesson that if we have passion to do something by heart, nothing is impossible but the top level of dedication is necessary.

6. Write a story of a visit to someone in prison or in hospital. ANSWER

A Visit to Someone in Prison

Have you ever been to prison? It is normally a bitter experience to meet someone in prison. The living condition, looking perspective and companionship all are normally very degraded ones. I wish no one had to go to prison in any condition. I had got similar experience while I was in college life.

When I was studying in +2 level I had a gentle friend named Ramesh Kunwar. Actually, he was the student of management stream. He was, frankly, speaking, the best example of a noble student and friend. An unfortunate incidence happened to him. Some of his classmates were very rogue figures. Ramesh ever loved and respected to all by doing as much support as he could. He couldn’t identify who was good and who was bad friend. Once he went to picnic with some group. All of them were enjoying in the picnic. Ramesh had no idea that rest of friends had been drug addicts.

They were returning back to their homes. Ramesh was given a handbag to carry. All of the friends were drinking much. Only Ramesh had not drunk. On the way police stopped their vehicles. As the checking going on, Ramesh was found guilty having drug with him. He was taken to the police station and put into prison cell. Ramesh was speechless. I got the call about the Ramesh’s condition. I rushed to police station. To my surprise I found Ramesh wailing into the prison cell. I got all notice from the police inspector. I had no doubt about innocence of Ramesh. I told all history of Ramesh to Police.

The situation was gloomy. Ramesh was weeping inside the cell room. It was smelling bad and covered with mess. I found Ramesh helpless and in pathetic condition. I requested police to go to investigate the rest of boys’ rooms. We reached to their rooms. They were found guilty of having that illegal work and made Ramesh a scapegoat. Ramesh was released and four boys were put into jail cell. From the incident Ramesh told to all that sometimes being honest we have to be the victim of evil work. So we must be careful in making relationship is the moral we get from this incidence.

7. Write a story of a visit you paid someone who has been admitted to hospital after being injured in the earthquake disaster.

 A Story of a Visit of Earthquake Victim

It was an event of 28th April, 2015, I had to visit Kathmandu Model Hospital, Kathmandu. My cousin was severely injured in the collapsed of the building he used to stay in. He had broken both legs while he was escaping in the terror of quake. I was also feeling scared how to visit and stay safe during that time.

I made inquiry where my cousin (Rijan) was admitted at the reception desk. I got information that he was on 302 bed no. on third floor. Actually, he was doing Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) under my guardianship. He had no one except me as his relative and relation. I met him. He was tearing and wealing looking at me. I convinced him giving him pats and encouraged him every thing would be all right soon. He looked happy and cheerful after then. I immediately managed to make x-rays of legs and processed to plaster them after consulting to the doctor, Umesh Tiwari.

I found the situation pathetic and very serious not only of my cousin but all the quake’s injured people. Wailing, crying, asking for help and weeping people made me very impatient for sometimes. I tried my best to convince all and there turned everything all right after some time. I also managed some drinks, foods and assistances for all the victims of that floor of the hospital.

Specially, I focused my attention for the treatment of my cousin. After the regorious treatment for two days I made discharge of him and taken to my residence. After a couple of months he became fit and fine. It was one of the memorable and mentionable experiences I got during my visit, treatment and payment for his recovery last time. He is ever positive and obedient towards me even after long time. This means he has realized the true value of relation love, care and humane support. I had provided to him during this study, injured treatment period.

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