1. Write a reply to the letter accepting responsibility, giving explanations, and offering to exchange the goods

3rd March 2015

Dear Sir,

We are very much sorry to hear about the unfit size of Pyjamas you had ordered and recently have been dispatched on 25th February.

By going through all complaints and information you included into your letter we have realized that there is some misplacement in packing and making a delivery. By coincidence, similar order was made from another customer and by mistake two delivery packs were exchanged while writing delivery addresses. We have already realized and thought how to compensate you.

One very obvious solution of the problem is to exchange the Pyjmas for that you I have to bring them upto our any collection center with your order code. They will inform to central department, so that new sets Pyjamas of desired size and selection will be provided to you from there.

Once again we feel sorry for providing stress of not having right goods in a suitable time. We also assure you not to repeat to have similal unsatisfactory service from our side ever again.

Yours faithfully,

Rijan Phullel

2. Write a reply to the letter declining to accept responsibility, and giving the reasons for this.

3rd March 2015

Dear Sir,

As receiving your letter of 25th February we very much regret the obstacles you are having with your order of Pyjama supplied to your order.

We have separate manufacturing department and goods are taken to supply section before they are dispatched to the customers. There is one to one verification process taken place before the delivery. Pyjamas and other garments manufactured via us are of various in sizes and qualities. There is an error of misplacement or mis-delivery hardly taken place in our company. From your letter we knew that you are having problems but we are sorry to inform you that by any condition the once delivered goods cannot be taken back in the company. If any misplacement is taken once it is normal system not to reback again. It is registered on the software so it can’t be corrected. So please don’t feel otherwise regarding your problem.

Though we have felt how much problem you are facing due to the mis notification at the time of order but sorry to inform you that we are unable to do anything in your favour. We have to do anything in accordance to the company’s marketing policy.

We hope you will understand our compulsion and take it normally as your minor misordering cause this all matter.

Yours faithfully,

Rijan Phullel

 3. Write a memo on the death of a woman who started in a company as a cleaner, and gradually worked her way up to more and more influential positions; she always fought for women’s rights, both inside the firm and outside.

Chaudhary Group Pvt. Ltd. 

Date 03.03.15

Memo From: Company Secretary

To: All Staff

It is with deep regret that I announce the death of our Staff Manager, Mrs. Phullel. As many of you know, she had been ill for some time and on last Saturday she had undergone an emergency operation in the Kathmandu Model Hospital. Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful, and she died peacefully last night.

We all know that she had started in this company 30 years before as a cleaner, and had been working as a dedicated, obedient and positive force. For her hard work and labour she was gradually promoted as the Personal Manager of our company. Besides, she had ever been fighting for the liberation of staff and welfare of all personnel. Despite of her illness, she never quitted the job and ever raised voice infavour of all working force.

Our company has also awarded as the best personnel to her twice. It is not only with in the firm or company she has notable remarks she is well popular among the neighbours and women of her community. It is recorded that Mrs. Anjana Phullel was ever present in any social welfare and support to any women in the society though she had been living single for two decades.

I request all of you to attend the ceremony of extending the condolences to her soul peaceful residence in heaven. It is also informed to you all that due to this sad incidence in the company, it will be closed on Monday and all staff will attend her funeral possession to Pashupati Aaryaghat. Moreover, the company’s memorial service will be held in the Auditorium Hall from Tuesday 9:00 am. For the support and generosity, the fund raising campaign will be held for the surviving members of her family.

Santosh Raj Chaudhary

4. Write a reply to the memo accepting part and rejecting part, and making alternative suggestions.

Bristol Small Tools

Date: 28 May 2015

Memo from: Managing Director

 To: General Manager

Ref No:

Regarding two serious problems highlighted in the Buying Department, I would like to mention some genuine alternatives for the matter.

Firstly, It is normally accepted that the Clerk’s job should be recognized. During the first week of every month, he should provide information from the flies to all the staff. And, at the end of the month, people will get replacement from the stores. That will make him fully occupied during the first week of every month.

Secondly, so far the matter of early retirement of the Stores Supervisor due to old age and his habit is concerned; I totally disagree with the matter. Truly, Mr Joseph is the only highly experienced staff having ideas of every nook and corner of the company. Though his habit of Kleptomania is his drawback, he hasnot taken anything noticeable from the company so far. He has been working assuming the company as if it is his father’s inheritance. Moreover, if the replacement is made by providing Mr Josehp early retirement, the would be stores will not have any guarantee to do better. As a young employee, it will take few months to make him familiar to all the aspects of the company. In this ground, present Joseph’s work should be taken as satisfactory.

Lastly, it is not a big debate to take support of the union of the company rather should be calmed down normally. But there could be some amendment made to the case of the clerk.

5.  Write a memo to all the staff of a large company, suggesting ways of economising on the use of paper, electricity, etc.


Date 03.03.15

Memo From: Managing Director

To: All Staff

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             All of we know that there is huge increase in the cost of paper and stationery materials. It seems very sensible matter to keep balance or careful use of paper, electricity, etc. to maintain the daily expenses of the company normal. Otherwise, we will be compelled to cut down the staff to maintain the office.

We have seen a large quantity of paper get wasted in not having proper print. If any defect is there in machines, we must maintain them at the earliest. Otherwise, such huge waste of paper is the loss of money. Again, the electricity which is highly used fuel in our company should be sensibly used. If the factory machines are run for 5 minutes without function, it will cost thousand rupees. We must consider this aspect sincerely.

All the machinery items like computers, printers, monitors, zerox, etc. should be off before going to lunch or other breaks. Sometime some content can be printed on both sides of A4 papers that normally seems to be used singly. We have also discussed in the management about how to reduce its operation cost.

Basically, in winter season using heaters at maximum quantities causes high monthly cost. We have decided to provide some warm internal use sandal and cover clothe during the winter that will to some extent reduce some cost. To run the company smoothly is all’s responsibility. So we request all staff to have keen watch at the overuse and wastes properly.

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