1. Write about the following topics.
  1. Three things you are going to do this year.
  2. Three things you will have done by 2020.
  3. Three things you think will happen to Chira Dhaliwal and Chen Liu in the future.
  4. Three predictions about India and China.
  5. Three global problems you think will get better in the next five years and three things that will get worse.


  1. I am going to do following three things this year. Firstly, I will continue my study of BBS second years to secure better marks in the board exams. Secondly, I’ll start a job related to selling or marketing; because, I am interested in business. If I got job, I would be so much dedicated to build up my better career. Thirdly, I will facilitate my uncle to run business who has invested a huge amount money for my study and career. He is very hopeful to get my assistance to his business so, will keep my duty towards him.
  2. By 2020 I will have done so many things. Firstly, I will have completed my study at least masters level (MBS). Secondly, I will have got married and started my career. Thirdly, I will also have started my own business and settled with my family. By then, I will have established my name and some sort of social works too.
  3. I think Chira Dhaliwal will start a job in Business Process Outsourcing. She will earn enough money from her business so that she will buy a car of her own and live a luxurious life style. She will also start to stay abroad or away from family living a completely free life. But the case of Chen Liu is different. He will become a welder and later Project Manager’s since he has long gap meeting his parents, he will go to meet them. When she will earn lot of money, he will buy a motorbike and shift away from dormitory.
  4. To see the present scenario of these two countries we can predict some of the ideas. China is rapidly increasing in economic growth. I think it will stand as the top level of the world economy. Secondly, China will still have world biggest population. Finally, China will be the most powerful leading country in the world’s politics. On the other hand India will have some changes. It will meet higher level of economic growth. It will also meet better levels in technology and atomic exercise. Finally, it will establish the European living standard.
  5. In the period of coming five years, there will be some problems get worse while some of the present problems will get better. If we see present day environmental problem and pollution, people of the world are very sensible about how to protect it. So different mechanisms will be adopted to keep ecological balance. Secondly, the problem of overpopulation will be solved and made it in balance. Some of the developed countries have started to keen control on over population growth. I think, this overpopulation problem will be more or less managed. Finally, the per capita income of the people of any nation will be greater than that of the present days. But the value of money will be very less in five years time. Five years’ period will not only bring the bright parts of life. There will be worse conditions in some of the cases. Firstly, in case of atomic weapons or nuclear weapons, the upcoming days will be ever challenging and doubtful. People will be full of fear and anxiety. The so called developed and powerful nations have rapidly exercised the power show games. This will bring worse situation. Secondly, the situation of crime and fraud will be more problematic. The more development and improvement are taken place, the worse and heinous crimes and criminal attitude will be developed by people. The rate, nature and levels of crimes will be more complicated and difficult to solve no doubt they will be of any kind i.e. cyber crime. Finally, the real quality of life and satisfaction will dramatically be decreased. Though the people will be rich, living a facilitated life having all be worldly things still the real happiness will be lacking. People will be very unsatisfied and hunger oriented to real happiness and satisfied life.
2. Write a short description about what you think the future of your country is regarding:
  • the birth rate
  • the employment rate
  • inflation
  1. Will they go up or down?
  2. What factors will affect the change?
  3. What can the government do?
  4. Is it good or bad thing for the country?


The birth rate

If we see the historical data, the birth scenario has declined over few decades. There was 4.6 of birth ratio in the census of 1996 where as it has dropped down to 1.35 in 2014. This is a dramatic down shift in ‘birth ratio in Nepal. The couples who used to have three-four children in past they hardly make two children at present.

Due to education, awareness, modernization, consciousness and busy life styles people can’t make plural children nowadays. Few decades back, almost all village daughters were sent to father-in-laws houses with in their teenage. The young girls couldn’t get proper education about family planning, birth space, pregnancy, career and other aspects. So they could beget many children. At present people have become conscious, educated and career oriented. They hardly get married before the age of 25. They even become busy and pursuit to career. So there is no high chance to make many children from the single couple.

I think in future the birth rate of most parts of my country will be declined except some of the communities. Overall, it will be below and the population will be no so radically increased. There will be great number of aged people and middle class people. If there is no over population problem, the Earth will be docile dwelling place with sound ecosystem and healthy environment. Government should support some backwarded communities to increase their dwindling population i.e. going to be extinct. All the races, religions, casts, should be promoted proportionally.

The employment rate

There is high employment crises in the least developed and underdeveloped countries like Nepal. To happen this situation various factors are under working. There is no rule of law and order due to the major cause of political instability. There is no security for high level of investment. So the investors are obliged to shift their investment in abroad or freezing balance.

Another aspect to happen unemployment problem is increasing alarming way of indifferent youths and skilled people to their nation. They are dying to settle in foreign lands. Government is not serious about long-term sustainable development. It is totally bad for the future of the country and its people. The development pace is very slow while world’s countries have reached far and wide in advancement.

People should have positive attitude towards their nation. They must be responsible to do something good in the mother land. For this each individual should start to think to do something creative, productive and innovative for the nation. To have unemployment problem in any nation is big tragedy. Youths are compelled to be migrated to foreign lands, the developments will be static and the nation will no longer be stable and livelihood friendly.

If the government becomes conscious in time, political stability occurs and all investors start to open micro cum macro projects, this problem can be totally removed with in short period of time.


There is no advanced level of industrialization in the country, Nepal. The running business houses are not so established and don’t have long term visions and plans in business. We are dependent in trade and commerce. We have to export a very little amount and types of goods but we import a very different types of goods and products in huge quantity.

Having scarcity of products though having enough money to purchase is known as inflation. The inflation rate in Nepal was found 9.47 in 2014 but in average the ratio is 8.38 percent. Every fiscal year, the increase production ratio determines the level of inflation. There are some factors that cause higher level of inflation. Such factors are like Nepal Bandha, Strike, Labour strike, Transport Strike, Road blocks natural calamities, i.e. earthquake, etc.

There is no perfect system of pricing goods, and marketing policies. In this context, the rising inflation will bring so many problems with it. There is no proper tax payment, regular supply, regular production when strikes likes activities are going on. So the government should stop any kind and purpose of strikes. The government should come up with a systematic approach and mechanism to run transportation, production, distribution and good consumption. If all trade and commerce are run systematic ways, there is good inflation this is good for nation and people of the nation. But being dependent to other, Nepal’s commerce and trade future is and will ever be badly affected by powers, international business houses and agencies from aboard

 3. Write an essay on climate changes in Nepal. What do you think will be the short and long term effects of these climate changes?

 Climate Changes in Nepal

Nepal is a Himalayan country having topography related to mountain, hills and plains. There are varies biodiversity in climate and region. In every 10-15 kilometers, there is different type of climate. Having this lucky climate it has not been away from the global climate imbalance (change). Climate change, which is addressed as the most sensitive problem, has brought so many problems in Nepal too.

Basically, industrialized and developed countries have done so many activities that have become major causes of abnormal climate change. We are innocent victims living in Nepal like countries. It is very obvious that there are changing temperatures in two diverse seasons – winter and summer. It is too hot in summer whilst chilling cold in the winter. Besides, there are some unusual and unexpected changes in the condition of the climate.

If we see short term effects of these climate changes, we see immense adverse impacts on agriculture, vegetation, health, energy, industry, livelihood of people. There is no rain in monsoon, sometimes over rain, sometimes it is too much hot even our mountains snow level has decreased. It will bring so many long term effects as well. Our land will not be good place to stay. There will be various diseases caused by ultra violet rays that occur due to depletion of ozen layer which is by result of climate change. People are so opportunists and selfish that they never pay attention to our earth and would be bad impacts in nearing future due to their short-sighted activities.

Thus, it is a global problem. It should be addressed in time and some creative solutions must be implemented to resolve this problem. If we are still careless and selfish, we will loss our dwelling places, beauty and greenery due to our careless activates and arrogance.

4. Make a short role-play the following two situations.
Person B Person A
1 offer A a managerial position in your company accept
2 offer to help A arrange a meeting decline, it’s your responsibility


B: I’d like to offer you the job of a manager in my company, Aakriti Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.

A: Thank you very much. I am really interested to work in marketing company with such position. I am very pleased to accept it.

B: I’d like to offer you the opportunity for arranging a meeting. A: Thanks for offer, but it falls under your responsibility, I think.

5. Write definitions to explain the following phrases.
  • I’ll hold you to that.
  • Cheers.
  • Better still..
  • It’s not really my thing.
  • I could do it if you’re really stuck.
  • He’s pulled out.


  • I’ll hold you to that. → I will remind you that you promised to do that.
  • Cheers. →Thanks.
  • Better still. → I have a better idea …
  • It’s not really my thing. → I am not really good at or interested in this kind of – activity.
  • I could do it if you’re really stuck.  →If you are having a lot of difficultly, then I could help you.
  • He’s pulled out. → He is no longer taking part.
6. Underline the stressed syllable in the following words:
  • environment
  • 2. economy,
  • 3. permanent,
  • 4. maintain.


  • environment: en’vironment
  • economy: economy
  • permanent: ‘permanent
  • maintain: maintain

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