New Master’s in Cyber Security Course to be Offered by Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University will soon offer a Master’s in Cyber Security course at the postgraduate level. The university has completed the necessary preparations, including curriculum development, for this two-year course under the Institute of Science and Technology Studies. However, according to the institute’s Dean Prof. Binil Aryal, it is not certain when the teaching will begin, […]

Ravi Tamang

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Chapter 13: Residential Status

Very Short Questions and Answers 1. Briefly describe the situation for an individual to be a resident individual.  The situation for an individual to be a resident individual is listed below: Whose normal place of abode is in Nepal. Who has resided in Nepal for 183 days or more during a continuous period of 365 […]

Chapter 12: Income From Investment

Very Short Questions and Answers 1. How an investment has been defined in the Act? Generally, investment refers to the purchase of an asset with the hope that it will generate income or appreciate in value in the future. Income Tax Act, 2058 has defined investment as an act of holding or investing one or […]

Unit 5: Cluster Analysis

Cluster analysis A cluster is a collection of data objects that are similar to one another within the same cluster and are dissimilar to the objects in other clusters. The process of grouping a set of physical or abstract objects into classes of similar objects is called clustering. Clustering techniques apply when there is no […]

Chapter 8: Income From Employment

Very Short Questions and Answers 1. List out any two incomes excluded from employment income.  Two incomes excluded from employment income are: Meals and refreshments are provided to all employees on equal ground. Reimbursement of petty expenses relating to tea expenses, stationeries, tips, prizes and emergency medical treatment of up to Rs 500. 2. State […]