Tribhuvan University will soon offer a Master’s in Cyber Security course at the postgraduate level. The university has completed the necessary preparations, including curriculum development, for this two-year course under the Institute of Science and Technology Studies.

However, according to the institute’s Dean Prof. Binil Aryal, it is not certain when the teaching will begin, due to the lack of physical and non-physical faculty capacity required for conducting the course.

“The course syllabus is ready, but it could not be conducted this year,” he says. “Finding cyber security experts to teach is a challenge.” He added that once these issues are resolved, the course will likely start from the next academic session.

This year, the university has also launched a new course, ‘Master in Information Technology.’

Dean Aryal also revealed that the university has plans to introduce more IT courses in the future. Currently, Islington College in Nepal is the only institution offering MSc IT and Applied Security course at the postgraduate level, while Softwarerica College IT and E-Commerce, The British College, Texas College of Management and IT, Forbes College, KFA Business College, and others are teaching IT courses at the undergraduate level.

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