Chapter 1: Introduction

Human Resource Human resources are those people who have energy and physical strength with competencies. Competencies consist of knowledge, skill, attitude and potential for growth. Human Resource is the most important resource of an organization and is only active resource which makes another resource utilize actively. Management Management is the process consisting of planning, organizing, […]

Chapter 12: The effects of continual disruption: technological resources supporting resilience in regions of conflict

Introduction In conflict zones it can be dangerous for people to travel and maintain their normal activities. Global technologies such as the mobile phone and Internet applications, people can coordinate and communicate to help restore activities through negotiating travel, increasing situational awareness, and conducting online social interaction. Disasters have generally been viewed as non-routine events […]

Chapter 11: Information and communication Technologies in the Hollywood’s global Primacy

Hollywood, Defined Hollywood is a physical place, a district of the city of Los Angeles, California. Hollywood is a metaphor for the American entertainment industry. Hollywood is defined as the system of the US entertainment industry revolving around the following six major companies that are part of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA): Paramount […]