1. Which of these do you think are the most impressive feats of human endurance? Why do people attempt these kinds of challenges?
  1. Tanya Streeter, world champion freediver, who can hold her breath under water for more than six minutes and dive more than 170 metres without the aid of artificial breathing gear.
  2. Ed Viesturs, one of the world’s leading high-altitude mountain climbers, who is attempting to scale the fourteen highest peaks without the use of supplementary oxygen.
  3. Sir Ranulph Fiennes who, at the age of 59, completed seven marathons in seven continents in seven days..
  4. Sonya Thomas, a champion competitive eater, who once ate 167 chicken wings in 32 mintues.
  5. Pen Hadow, polar explorer, who was the first man to walk alone without outside help from Canada to the North Pole, a journey of 478 miles.


All the feats mentioned above are really impressive feats of human endurance. A normal person cannot dare to follow them. In their own respective grounds all the feats are very challenging, but I think the most impressive one is Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ seven marathons in seven continents in seven days. It is really scaresome and out of normal human ability.

When we study Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ heroic race, we can imagine how he could do such a course. Imagine! At the age of 59, we normally consider someone almost old person. But this Marathoner has completed the seven marathons. The course he has accomplished is really challengesome. It is not the marathon of particular country and place rather seven continents in seven days, 183 miles distance. It is not a joke! How can we think one could cover the course of seven marathons of seven continents in seven days. This triple seven (7x7x7) is an icon of heroism and toughest feat. The age, the distance, the time duration and the number of marathons apparently prove that Sir Ranulph Fiennes is real hero.

A person of heart patient who dared to fight such a challenging disease, faced a number of problems on the course and so many bitter experiences. We can think why and how people take up such challenges.

In my opinion, people take risks of different types for various reasons. Most of risk-takers want to create a record and continue the championship. So, to meet the target they forget hunger, fatigue, thirst and normal illness. Moreover, people attempt these kinds of challenges for the optimum satisfaction and the proud or contribution to the nation. A world champion marathoner establishes a bright fame of any nation. We can take references of mountain climbers, divers, sport persons, or other risk-takers who have highlighted their names in the world along with their nations and cultures.

2. Think of a story for Jobs with a difference which involves working in extreme conditions. Think about extreme weather (e.g. snow storms), extreme physical conditions (e.g. in the jungle), and extreme task (e.g. working on top of a skyscraper).

People involve doing a number of adventurous works. Mountain climbing has become very systematic profession. I had heard and read much about the mountains and expeditions. I had also got information about snow capped mountains and people getting victory on climbing thousand meters high mountains.

Mountains climbing is not like climbing a small hill or a tree. It requires proper skills, gut, dedication and sense of adventure. Normal people hardly become successful in mountain climbing. A perfect training, an appropriate weather, a proper way of guidance and fixed route are required to climb the mountains.

I had also keen interest in mountain climbing though not the Mt. Everest. I got chance to get my dream fulfilled. I got proper training on how to climb the mountains. The dress I wore was really unique. I was informed about changing climate, what to do, what not to do in different conditions. Our five-member climbing group had expedition to climb Ganesh Himal if not all at least some of the distance.

As we started to climb, I felt uneasy in breathing. I had oxygen box I set it on my mouth. I couldn’t walk properly because I had no habit of doing so. I completed 2000 meters height until then I felt suffocated, tired and losing my balance. I requested the guide not to continue the further height. Along with me all members were not willing to continue. We covered 2500 meters height and cancelled our further climbing. To climb down would be a difficult as we had climbed up. Lastly I came to the base camp and took rest. I think that was the most dangerous activity I have ever done. I had given up hope in the middle of journey. So I discontinued it.

3. Do you know or have any adventure or extreme sports?

I also know similar type of adventure as mentioned here, that is bungee jumping. I planned to go to Bhotekoshi Bunjee Jumping sport with my friends. It is on the way to China border. We collected fund because we had to pay Rs. 10,000 each head to make up and down along with sport’s cost. I was really excited that I was going to fulfill my one of the hobbies.

We took a bus from old bus park of Kathmandu to Sindhupalchowk. It was really romantic travel though the road wasn’t so wide to drive. We reached to the spot after couple of hours. We were instructed what to do and what not to do. All instructions were well given to us by the well experienced structure. We saw how other people did it. Somewhere I was feeling fear and doubt into my heart. When a coach motivated us telling that that was nothing just playing swing, I changed my mind. I made my mind completely to make jump. First our friend, Roshan took it. He was excited and happy when he came back. Then I became full confident too. As I was on queue my ankles were tied with strong rope. I was thrown asking me to be vertical motion first and then horizontal motion as I was going down. When I was in the middle I was a bit scared but by and by I did it confidently. As I watched my video of jumping I became excited. It was really adventurous or extreme sport I participated and it is ever memorable.

4. Rewrite these sentences to make them more concise.
  1. It is necessary that you take every precaution when preparing to bungee jump.
  2. In figure 3 you can see that there are three lines which show …..
  3. What are your future plans?
  4. The beating of the heart can be measured …
  5. An examination of the accident area was made by the police.
  6. He never thought about where to jump but jumped anywhere at random. 7. It’s not impossible that he could have done it.
  7. The Oxford Stunt Factory is based in Oxford. The Oxford Stunt Factory started in the 1980s. It organizes a variety of adrenaline sports.
  8. Helping the reader to understand what has been written is basically pretty important.
  9. Achieving a high level of precision when writing is a skill that takes time to acquire.


  1. Take care when preparing to bungee jump.
  2. In figure 3 there are three lines which show….
  3. What are your plans?
  4. The heart beat can be measured …
  5. 5. The police examined the accident area.
  6. He jumped at random.
  7. He could have done it.
  8. The Oxford Stunt Factory started in the 1980s and organizes a variety of adrenaline sports.
  9. Helping the reader to understand is important.
  10. Writing precisely takes time.
 5. Match the ‘heart’ idioms and phrases in A with the definitions in B
1 faint-hearted

2 heart-stopping

3 heart attack

4 heart surgery

5 by heart

6 heartbroken

7 to set your heart on something

8 to miss a heart beat

a exciting/ frightening

b. to use only your memory

c. to have a sudden feeling of fear or excitement

d. to want something very much

e. unwilling to try anything new or adventurous

f. a feeling of extreme sadness

g. a medical operation to improve the function of heart

h. sudden serious medical condition in which the heart stops working normally


  • 1.e
  • 2.a
  • 3.h
  • 4.g
  • 5.b
  • 6.f
  • 7.d
  • 8.c
6.Complete the following sentences with a suitable heart expression given in the box.

faint-hearted, heart-stopping, heart attack, heart surgery, by heart, heartbroken, to set her heart, misses a beat, heartrending, heartthrob

  1. He was rushed to hospital after having a ……………. .
  2. He ran the marathon despite having just recovered from ……………. .
  3. When you stand at the top of the platform waiting a jump, your heart …………….. .
  4. Bungee jumping is not for the ……………….. .
  5. He was……………… after someone stole his IPod.
  6. She had ……………..on doing a bungee jump of her birthday.
  7. She knew all her friends’ phone number ………………..
  8. There was ……………moment when the sky driver’s parachute failed to open.
  9. The condition of the earthquake victim in Bir Hospital was …………… .
  10. Lauren is so fine. What a…………………………


  1. heart attack
  2. heart surgery
  3. misses a beat
  4. faint-hearted
  5. heartbroken
  6. to set her heart
  7. by heart
  8. heart-stopping
  9. Heart rending
  10. heath rob

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