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1.  Write a letter to your friend stating your qualification and skills to study further degree so you have to ask for information about what are the requirements to get admission.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing kindly drawing your attention that I am keen interested to study English language at your language school. I like English language very much. Therefore, I have been studying English for three years, three hours per week, at the Royal school. My teacher also says I speak English very well.

Now I like to study advance course of English language so would like to join in your language school. But I have few quarries about it: Is it a good language school to learn language? Are teachers öld or young? How many students are there in each class? Would I have lot of homework? Is the school a member of the Association of Registered English language school?

Moreover, I would like to know about some teaching and schedule procedure. How many speakers of my language would there in my class? How many hours per week are the courses? How much do the courses cost? What is included in the cost of the courses? Travel? Books? Excursions? Accommodation? Accordingly, I have to manage to adjust doing some part time work too. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,


2.  You have seen an advertisement in a newspaper in which an English family offers to take a foreign child into their home as a paying guest for a month. You are. interested in sending your 12-year-old son or daughter to stay with this family. Write to the family giving and asking for information.

Dear Smiths,

In response to the advertisement appeared in the National Daily in which your family offers to take a foreign child into your home as a paying guest for a month. I am writing from the country of Mt. Everest, Nepal. Knowing about your interest, we have decided to send our 12 year old daughter to stay with your family.

We have already sent our son with a French family. That is why we would like to make our daughter to be well familiar with English language, culture and life style. It will be a good chance for her to spend her teenage in native English speaking environment. Still we have some quires about how to make her easier there.

Staying with new family she might feel shy in the beginning few days. So l request you to adjust this unusual situation. Isn’t it unusual to you for her request for going with her friends at least once a week? Can she have easy > entrance and exit in your absent in the house? Sometimes she may commit some mistakes unknowingly. In this case, will you please forgive her as a child? Moreover, if there are any rigid terms and conditions regarding her to stay there, please feel good to inform us as soon as possible. Only then we will further proceed of this. In case, there is need of your help for her adjustment in other places, I hope you will cooperate, obviously. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,



3.  Write a letter of application for a scholarship.

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to apply for a British Council scholarship to study in Britain. I did my five years’ basic training in medicine at Salamaned University. After this I successfully completed a one-year postgraduate course in ophthalmology at the Barcelona General Hospital where I am at present serving a two-year probation in the Eye clinic.

As a result of the publication in 1976 of my article in The Lancet entitled ‘Soft and Rigid Contact Lenses’, which was based on a survey of 37 patients over 6 months, I made contact with Dr. Jermyn of St. Thomas’s Hospital and with Dr Asker Holm of the University college Hospital. I have received their help and advice with my current research project, which is a two-year survey of the acceptance of various types of contact lenses in 200 patients.

Despite their help, I feel that I can’t make real progress in this filed unless I can actually have day-to-day contact with these specialists. I would therefore like to continue my research either at St Thomas’s or UCH as soon as my probationary period here is completed, and I would like to study in Britain for two years.

I enclose a detail curriculum vitae and an off print of my article, together with a letter of recommendation from Dr Jermyn.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Jaun Loper Gomer

4.  Write a letter of application for the post of secondary account teacher mention suitable qualification and skills.


Arghakhanchi 25th March, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

In response to your advertisement published in ‘The Kathmandu Post’ dated o 24th March, 2015, I would like to apply for the Secondary Account Teacher’. I have recently been graduated from the JMC in Kathmandu receiving good percentage from Management Program. In addition, I have already taken special ‘Account package’ Conducted by Kathmandu District Education Center After completion of my School Leaving Certificate in 2009 with distinction mark I joined Divine College, a private English Medium College in Arghakhanchi. I had passion to be a professional account teacher and ultimately qualified professor in the similar field from my high school study. I am very much interested in teaching with dynamic teaching learning strategies. Moreover, I have already worked as a Lower Secondary Account Teacher that will assist me to cope with the upcoming teaching profession.

Actually, I am a sociable and diligent girl with charismatic personality and always being motivated by positive thinking. Furthermore, my so far study and somewhat experience obviously supports to perform efficiency and bringing noble output.

I enclose a detailed curriculum vitae and copies of my academic credentials, together a letter of reference from Prof. Dayananda Pandey.

I look forward to receiving positive response from you.

Yours faithfully,

Kalpana Thapa

5. Write a letter of assurance to provide in time quality services from your company to some business house.

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for informing us that our application to stage a series of World Cup matches at our ground has been provisionally accepted by the Arrangement Committee. It is a matter of great pleasure for us to be under selection though a number of clubs are interested to do. Now I would like to assure you that, we will try our best to settle the upcoming problems. As our planned work, we are going to conduct a series of works one after another. Basically, as mentioned in the provision, there will be enough space for the journalists to have live telecast of the tournaments. So much so there will be quality internet, translation services as well as other required technology. For the quality food for the players and other guests, the Royal Restaurant will have done a nice arrangement at the North side. Moreover, we will arrange some extra camera so that thrilling views will be well captured from all directions. And for the quality lodging and fooding for all the attendants of the match, surrounding locations’ hotels as well as local people will cooperate to adjust them as the paying guests. For the assurance of this, we have already talked with local clubs and committees too..

Last but not the least, I would like to assure you that there will be left nothing as such lacking and shortage of facilities. We have to forward this confidential report with the chairperson of the committee. Overall, by all means we are very much interested to co-operate so that the matches will obviously be successful and memorable.

Yours faithfully,

Chudamani Subedi

7. Write a letter to the Lost Property Department of British Airways, enquiring about something you think you left on a plane.

Lost Property Department,

British Airways,


Dear Sir,

I am writing to you to report about my ipad which I lost yesterday. I am sure I have left it on the plane that I had come to Kathmandu from London KTM 776. When I boarded on the plane I had got it so that I used it to have some photographs of side views. Unfortunately, I forgot to take it from my seat that I had kept it on seat’s side. The number is ‘B’ 06.

My ipad is of Apple Company in complete white in color. It has a cover overlapped it It is newly bought and solely unused gadget. The moment I landed from the plane at Tribhuvan International Airport, to my surprise it was not with me. Actually, I discovered I didn’t have ipad when I was about to get into taxi.

Pleas feel good to inform me as soon as you find the ipad. My personal contact number is +977-9851051864 or you can instantly e-mail me, at I am often in online. I think I will reback my property soon. I would be very grateful if you could let me know if it has been found in the plane by your inquiry.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Januka Karki

8. Write a letter to a local newspaper appealing for support for a project to help old people in your area.

Feb 10, 2015

To The Editor

The Kathamndu Post

Subidhanagar, Kathmandu

Sub: Kind appeal for support for a project to assist old people.

Dear Sir,

I would like to draw your kind attention towards the social welfare based on elderly people. I would like to inform you that there are at least 5,000 people over the age of 65 in our town. As well as there are many old age pensioners (OAPs) in the streets. So a campaign must be conducted to support such needy people by running a project. We have also planned to make a volunteering visit to such centers. Now we have 25 volunteers so far. For this its meeting is going to be held at 8 pm on Friday 28 October. The venue is Black Bull.

It is obvious that old age is very fragile and helpless stage of life. Old people can’t move here and there freely like young. Those OAPs also need enough food and heat. The state has provided 25 pound per week which is very insufficient amount. Moreover, old people need special attention in many ways besides food. For them volunteer should have tolerance and patience in dealing. Since their brain cells don’t regenerate they have poor eyesight. Naturally, they are often bad-tempered too.

Therefore, we have planned to build a Community Center for OAPs that requires enough fund because the support provided by local authority is very less. This shows a rigorous need of volunteer support by different sectors and people. If any individual or organization wishes to assist we have Hutchins Bank account in High Street. The account No is 25667.

It is our duty and responsibility for helping old and needy people. Obviously, we must be generous for the culture and noble community towards groups. Thus, we are waiting for your kind help for elderly who are like our own guardians.

Yours faithfully,

Rabindra Tamang

9. Write a letter asking for advice on how to learn a foreign language. Mention some of the ways that you have heard about or have tried, and ask readers to write in with their experiences.

Dear Sirs,

I am writing this letter asking for the advices to learn a foreign language. Foreign language has become very essential in global market, adjust in world culture and rapid mobility among the countries. The best means of communication is language, so we must be familiar with the foreign language of any country.

I have heard and learnt that there are enough materials for learning any foreign language such as websites, You-tube videos, dictionaries, grammars books or rule or guide books. As we choose, which language to learn about we must be familiar about its pronunciation. It we can’t follow the spoken pattern, how can we get familiarity with it. Moreover, the pile of vocabulary and sequences of structures must be known and utilized in speaking. For this, the grammar of particular language must be exercised well. These are some concepts I have understood so far regarding learning foreign language at any cost.

Moreover, please write me back with detailed about different techniques that are useful in gaining proficiency in foreign languages. I have skills of speaking four foreign languages so far. I would like to increase this number. Feel good in giving me suitable procedures of gaining the foreign languages. Finally, I would also like to ask readers feel free to write about their experiences regarding this issue.

I look forward to knowing about your experiences very soon.

Yours faithfully,

Mohan Lal Khanal

10. Write a letter explaining about the treatment – good or bad that you recently received during a visit to a foreign country or to anther part of your own country.

Dear Gopal,

Thank you very much for sending me a letter including your experiences of journey. As you asked me I am going to write in this letter about my experience that I received during my journey to the Eastern part of Nepal. Last month I had been to Jhapa, far Eastern part of Nepal as well as to llam district. Here I am going to mention about various experiences I got during the course.

Actually, I was taught by friends that eastern people are normally proud and they easily deceive humble western part’s people. I had a concept of biasness about the people before then. As I visited different parts of Jhapa district, I got realized that the truth was different. I found Jhapali people kind, helpful and generous. Though I realized some linguistic variation the loyalty, sense of humor and sense of humanity I found same as with the people of my hometown regions.

I experienced in our culture that the foreigners and strangers are god like people. Basically guests are the people sent by god. This feeling was also found in the behaviours of the people there. Then only I realized why the generosity and humbleness of all Nepali is respected in every nook and corner of the world. If a Nepali is killed in an accident that belonged to West, all the nation and people of nation ache severely. This quality of humanity and kindness is hardly found in any other culture of the world.

Opposite to my expectation, I got total different experiences that made my journey memorable and unforgettable. As the greenery and non-polluted air in Ilam, the people were helpful, kind and generous. I was served with various local foods and goods where I had spent my night stays. I hardly forget thèse colours of hospitality.

This much for today. I will include if anything in the upcoming correspondences.

Best Regards,


11. Write a letter relating how you bought something and later had to take it back to the SOLUTION OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION shop three times before it would work properly.

Dear Sirs,

I purchased a Lenovo i5 Laptop from your sales department last monin, but I have only got obstacles and problems since I bought it. If has also become. a not matter of great tension and a cause of irritation since I bought it and I have received proper treatment from your side.

As I was purchasing it you had provided one year’s warranty and even in case of request home repair service with distance cost. The moment I installed it for my use, to my surprise I couldn’t get on it as you had highlighted in your estimation bill. Sooner, I called to your sales department but there was no convincing reply. Then, I myself approached there carrying it, but there was no immediate inspection about it. I was told to leave it there so I proceeded. As || I went there to receive after a week later, it was not touched even. I complained in the reception, she just smiled and tried to convince me by words.

Actually, the DVD player is not properly working and it has poor speaker so that the sound can’t be heard clearly. It was said the battery can have up to five hours back up but it is humorous to mention that it just maintains up to 2 hours. I had paid Rs. 65,000 for having 1 TB Hard Disk but it turned to be 500 GB. It is great cheating. Time and again I visited you, requested you for my gadget but you didn’t pay convincing attention. Now I am fully dissatisfied with your service. I want to get my money back. If it is done normally, I will receive it. If there is still entanglement, I will take help of Any Complaint TV program. If it is the case,

the company will have to bear huge loss. So please manage to resolve my problem as soon as possible. I look forward to getting positive and convincing response very soon.

Yours faithfully,

Moti Khana

12. Write a letter complaining about smoking in public places. Give as many reasons a possible against it, and suggest remedies.

Dear Sir,

I would like to draw the attention of all the public who are directly and indirectly prone to be the victims of smoking in public places. Health is prime right of all citizens of any nation. Supporting it, the researches have found out that Passive smokers (people who don’t smoke themselves but face smoking fume more or less due to other smokers) have brought very challenging problems in the world. So, a creative and practical solution must be adopted at the earliest.

First, a number of children, adults and common people are victims of various diseases due to smokers in public places. They become passive smokers though they have never touched any tobacco. That leads them to face the challenges of various respiratory diseases. Sometimes there is no medicine for the disease when it reaches at top level.

Secondly, there is high pollution of the areas and sitting places are some examples, the parks get together zones, bus stations, visitors waiting places. Anyone who happens to reach there becomes the victim of smoking.

Moreover, the restaurants hotels and lunching places are zones having free smoking. This tradition must be controlled at any cost as soon as possible. The government should declare strict rules and verdict to have particular level of punishment to those smokers. There must be separate and non-infected zone for smoking for the people who are already addicted. Elevator, waiting rooms, public sections and nooks and corners of the sector have become major places of smoking and infection of the smoking.

Therefore, the public place smoking culture must be eliminated by any cost. Public must be aware about the infecting disease; by smoking. Those who violate the code and conduct must be penalized severely. Government must circulate warning notice by various media so that, it will approach everywhere. Ultimately, this culture should be discouraged and limited by all.

I Look forward to getting more and more public responses against smoking in the public places.

Yours faithfully,

Sujan Malla

13. Write a letter expressing your reactions against punishment to children at learning, published in the newspaper.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter replying to Jarvis Pritchart’s letter about last week’s editorial ‘Discipline in our school. It is normally accepted norm that discipline is necessary in every sector and in every profession. This is not meant that in the name of discipline, punishment should be used. This mistreatment may cause bad impact in children’s psychology.

This issue of punishment to disobeying children seems convincing and useful in the previous days but at present proper psychological treatment theory is adoptable in schools and academic institutions. Actually speaking, such dictatorship is useful in police and army recruitment. If the mild and psychological treatments are implied in school going children, the better results will be achieved. A child can be made more talented not by pressure but by creative freedom. The concept of moral guidance to children is very acceptable concept. But it should be child friendly and in accordance to child psychology. To teach moral lesson we shouldn’t force a child. In this point I disagree with major Pritchart’s. We should use creative, dynamic and acceptable approach to build a humane society with noble human beings and similar theory in children’s learning process.

I look forward to hearing various experiences from other readers.

Yours faithfully,

Rajan Kumar Thapa

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