1.  A young couple that you know, Mr and Mrs Stevens, have applied to adopt a baby. The adoption committee has asked you to write a confidential report to help the committee in its decision. Write a confidential report for the adoption committee.

Dear Sir,

I am writing a confidential report, as instructed, to assist the adoption committee in its decision whether Mr and Mrs Stevens should be allowed to adopt a baby.

I have personally known the couple very well. Mr Stevens is 24 while Mrs Steven is 27. They are legal married couple because I participated in their wedding. Moreover, Mrs Stevens is an intelligent and well educated woman. My next-door neighbour is a distance cousin of theirs and also known them quite well.

Talking about the couple’s habits and manners they are a bit different. Mrs Stevens is interested in making a lot of her own clothes. She is less ambitious so works as a typist for a businessman. She goes to evening class for drawing, and some of the pictures on their walks are by her. She also sometimes goes to church, but I don’t think she believes in it very much; I don’t think they would christen their child if they had any. On the other hand, Mr Stevens is rather quiet and seems to find it difficult to talk to people. He has a fairly good job as a foreman in a factory that makes spare parts for cars.

The couple got married quickly because she thought or at least she said thought she was pregnant. They both say that they would very much like to adopt a child, but only one. Their relatives often come to see them and their nieces and nephews seem to enjoy the visits. This shows they would be adopted child will also enjoy with them. Actually, their flat is old and small, but they have a new family, saloon car and a colour television. They don’t dress very neatly, and they have got a modern washing machine. They mayn’t know how to handle the clothes. They seem to quarrel quite a lot, but I think that they are genuinely in love. If they have a child, this problem will remain no more.

To conclude, since the couple seem much interested in children and adopting a baby, I recommend that Mr and Mrs Stevens couple should be given a baby, if possible a girl.

Yours Faithfully,

Kamala Bhusal

2.  Write a report in the form of a letter to the Guide Dog Association.

Dear Sir,

This is my first report to the Association as the result of my experience during the first month of having a guide dog. On the whole, I must say that my dog, Shelia, has changed my life for the better; she has made me happier and more independent.

The most important point, perhaps is my new independence. Previously I had to rely on other people to take me everywhere Now I not only go to work on my own, but I can easily go to the shop or to the cinema or a concert, without troubling anyone else I feel confident in going out like this because Sheila makes me feel quite sale in traffic

More independence was what I had expected from my guide dog, but one thing I didn’t expect was that Sheila would lead me to make new friends. When I’m out with her, people often start talking to me, especially when I take her to the park. In this way I’ve got to know several people that I’d never talked to before I don’t feel alone at home either because Sheila is always there to give me company. Incidentally, you pointed out to me that Shelia would need plenty of exercise but this also means that I myself get more exercise than I used to, and I feel a lot better for it.

There are only two points that worry me, and I wonder if you could help me with them. One is the question Sheila’s food. How can I make sure that I’m giving her enough? The other problem is that when she’s out walking, Sheila doesn’t mind getting her legs wet, so she walks straight through puddles and so on. This means of course, that I get my feet wet, too. Is there any thing I can do about this?

Apart from these two major problems, I am, as I said, very happy with Sheila, and I am sure that we will continue to get on very well together.

Yours faithfully,

Pradip Neupane

 3. Write a report on flexible study hours in your school.

This report concerns the feasibility of providing the students different options in term of gaining academic degrees. It is basically prepared as the request of the guardians and parents of school children for study facility. From the management side, we are fully committed to impart quality education and maximum facilities in the school.or college side. The terms and conditions varies whether to achieve lower classes degree or secondary or higher secondary education.

Full-time Education

The students of secondary and below secondary education have to adopt this system having 90% credits present in the classes. This module will adopt annual academic program to upgrade into upper level of education. For that three terms exams along with internal assessment will have to be accomplished to be qualified. Class will be Sunday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm school hours along with casual travels, tour and education projects.

Part-time Education

Part-time students have up to five years duration in which they have to complete their +2 degree or Bachelor degree. This program is only for higher levels degrees. Being part-time students too, they have to attend the class at least 30% and complete all the annual academic calendar’s activities. The part- time students have facilities to use library, lab, canteen and all school resources but they have to submit a request letter before hand.

Alternative Learning

This is a very special education management designed specially for disable and conditional students. By this there could be the management of teacher to instruct in their respective residence periodically. Moreover, online courses are designed, so that they can accomplish their education remaining at homes. Basically, handicapped and specialized learners will be given first priority.

4. Write a report on eating habits intended to encourage people to eat more sensibly.

The report concerns to eating habits intended to encourage people to eat more sensibly. We have different food items for getting energy so we should maintain our balanced diet. A healthy person can do hard work and run his/her life smoothly. But there occurs a big confusion about healthy eating habits with people a healthy diet consist fruits, vegetable, cereal and dairy items along with meant items. We should eat plenty of fruits like apple, banana, grapes, mango, pine-apple according to their seasons. Moreover, the vegetables like green-leafy vegetables should always be included in daily meals. The grains, pulses, beans, meat, milk, eggs, fish like food items are very supportive for good health. But if we can’t manage appropriate amount and proper timing of eating them, they can be harmful too. Thus, healthy eating habits must be adopted by all people.

For the healthy life, we should eat plenty of food with fiber. But, there is wrong tradition that eating junk and fast foods is the modern fashion. Being very usual with fast and junk foods is matter of high dignity and status. This is wrong. It is discovered from the researches that junk foods are more dangerous than harmful disease HIV, Epidemic of death. They can create any problems that – can’t have any remedies. The risky and alarming factor is that people normally do not like to change their bad habit of fooding and adopt healthy eating habits. It is kind information to all to start healthy eating culture. Healthy life is wealthy life. So first and foremost thing we have to do is clinging to good food, love to fiber, select the vegetables and include the fruits in your dishes. Along with hard work, we should maintain balance food, fruits and water. Being healthy is very much valuable asset.

Along with nutritious food, there must be balance in work and rest. But exercise must be regular part of our life. There is nothing more advantageous to our health than regular exercise. People feel lazy in doing exercises and feel easy to junk and

fast foods. Thus, it is the very significant requirement of today to have regular exercise, nutritious food and healthy eating culture in every people’s home: Good Health: Invaluable Life.

5. Write a report by an invalid on his or her first month using an invalid car provided by the Invalid’s Transport Society.

Dear Sir,

This is my first month report being an user of Invalid’s Transport Society. It is the result of my experience during this period of invalid car provided by the society. In short, I must confess that the car has changed my life and has encouraged me to live happier, better and more independent life.

The most mentionable point, in my experience is my state of independence. Even if being disable now I have started to feel a complete human being and started to do my most of works myself. I used to wait someone who could help me to assist me in reaching different places but now the situation is totally different. I can handle myself with the confidence that I have already participated in different social programs so of public welfare myself. The car has become my intimate friend and frankly speaking, like my life partner. I had no any optimism to live a zealful life before I had contacted your organization. But now I have also encouraged many me like disable people to live with hope and enthusiasm.

When I became fresh and cheerful with my mobility here and there, I get a number of well-wishers and friends. I have got his invaluable property due to the supported the Society me. By and by my personality, confidence, status is heightening day by day due to the power, potentiality and support I have got from this car.

Now beside compliments and honour of your assistance I have one problem with this car. Frankly speaking, I have got much difficulty in how to maintain this car. It has no service centre at the convenient place. So, please if anything the society can do for this I am very much hopeful: Besides, there is nothing to complain about the car. I am completely to happy and satisfied. I hope me like other people will be benefited from the noble service you have provided.

Yours faithfully,

Sita Karki ‘Abhagi’

6. Write a confidential report on someone who wants to become a social worker.

This confidential report is written as asked by the president, on Ms Bhavana Tamrakar, who wants to become a social worker. To accumulate the necessary data and information to write the report I visited the local club where Bhawana is still an active member. As informed by her neighbour, Santosh Bhawana is fully dedicated and hardworking person.

Talking about Ms Bhawana, she is graduated from Tribhuvan University having major subject as social work (BSW). Besides, she is gifted personality to be a professional social worker. When Bhawana got married at the age of 20, he husband got an accident after three months of wedding. She became widow a the first stage of matrimonial bond. Although many social scholars advised he to get married again, she rejected the proposals. Instead Bhawana wants to be a social worker to keep all the helpless people happy and satisfied.

Bhawana has already declared her 2.5 million value property for social trus keeping nothing for her. She herself lives in the same trust’s building with other elderly people. One of the INGOs visited there last month and had given the words that they would provide a perfect platform to work as a social worker Thus, Bhawana is a very rare social worker.

Personally, Bhawana becomes ready to bring happiness in others’ faces though she might face difficult challenges. Her past experiences have proved that she has already undergone risky and challenge-some situations. Whethe to assist elderly or disable or children she is very dedicated and whole heartedly committed woman.

Last but not the least, if she is provided a chance to work as a social worker, she will be the mentionable example in the society.

 7.  Write a report on the progress of a journey that you made, or of a historically famous journey, or of an imaginary journey.

Journey to Balthali Village

I am writing a report on the progress of a journey that I made with my five friends accompanying to one of the tourist sites and historically famous places “Balthali Village”, Kavre district, Nepal. The place is located almost 40 kilometers from the capital city, Kathmandu. From the journey the verities of scenes and sights of the village are memorable among us.

To go by public transportation we group of six people gathered at the old bus park of Kathmandu at 8:00 am. We were very excited and very impatient when to reach and enjoy with the journey and beauties of Balthali village, Kavre. With our personal belongings and bags we got into microbus. We delighted the views and sights reaching up o Panauti. It took us 1 hour 40 minutes from Kathmandu to reach the place. After getting off the bus, we’ napped for a while on the lap of natural beauty.

Then we set out our foot journey to reach to Balthali village. In the fresh mood and curiosity we walked smoothly and reached to the village after almost 35 minutes. On the way we took photographs of beautiful scenes and views. We also delighted to watch sights and scenes with our binoculars.

The moment we completed our half an hour’s journey we felt tired, thirsty as well as hungry. We took some food before visiting on the surroundings. We enjoyed the local food with special varities and flavours. Then we set out to enjoy the beauty of the village. To get delighted with the specialties of Balthali Village was our main motto. In the month of February moving here and there in the day on these surroundings was really awesome.

Specially, the inhabitants of the locality, Tamangs, Newars and other ethnic tribes made our journey colourful with their specialties of living and cultures. Religiously, the mesmerizing beauty of surrounding villages, Namobuddha, Indreswor Mahadev, Bramayani Temple became sourses of attraction. Moreover, we saw the views of snowy peaks of Dorje Lhakpa, Lantang and neighbouring surroundings. Ladku River remained major attraction of our journey of this village.

After visiting enough on the surrounding and knowing about the specialty of Balthali village we came back to hotel to have night stay waiting excitedly for the next day’s sun rising.

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