Write the letters in the following topics.

1. An English friend wants to learn your language (or another foreign language). Write a letter detailing your experience in language learning, and explain what you think the best way to go about it.


Nayabazar-8, Palpa

July 1, 2015

Dear John,

I became extremely happy the moment I knew that you are interested to learn Nepalese language. My experience I think, will be very much useful regarding learning a foreign language i.e. Nepali.

Actually, I faced some problems the moment I had to learn English language as my foreign language. Firstly, it was very tough for me to utter exact pronunciation as the native speakers do. Another thing I got much difficult was getting meaning in a particular context. Some words might have different meanings in changing contexts. We might misuse or wrong use the word if we don’t know the apt context that it goes. Still, the grammar and appropriate structures remained me as other difficulties while learning this. They were different from as we do in learning Nepali language.

Still, I became successful in learning. English as my second language. The first thing I did was that I involved in various situations and listened to the people they spoke for English language different purposes, so that I got some insight how to utter the words and how to generate the structures. Moreover, I bought some special books that have enough grammar and readable matters. Again, I often didn’t miss TV channels, Newspaper, Magazines that were in English medium. I generated passion for learning English language. So, by and by I became successful to achieve my goal.

Overall, I would like to encourage you that you will also learn Nepali language with few creative steps and some efforts.

This much for now. I will add in upcoming letter if there is anything new.


Ramsharan Bista

2.Write a letter about a new job or a new course of studies.


Dear Dad,

I’m quite well here hoping you and mother are fine at home. I haven’t been in touch for a long due to my busy schedules. Sorry for that. Now I have started to work in an office related to import and export. It is related to my study as well as has become base for business career.

Actually, my post is am assistant to Business Manager in the office. I have to handle all the works related to office management in absence of him. I have taken this occasion as a fortunate period to learn some ideas about the business. The infrastructure of the office is perfect along with all the facilities for the staff. Luckily, I happened to be recruited in such fine zone even if I do have minimal academic qualification and efficiency.

Of course, the work is not much harder. As you know I was talented in calculation that is very useful now. I have confidently handled all the business transactions of the office. Mr. Moti is the Manager. He is loyal and praiseworthy personality. He ever encourages me for my promotion and gaining something. The salary is also enough for my study and daily survival. Please don’t worry about my expenditure for the present.

Convey my sweet regard and humble respect to my mother. I will mention if any new thing happens in the up coming letters.

Yours son,


3. Write a letter explaining why you and your family or friend(s) cannot accept an invitation.


Dear Anju,

Thank you for your letter. It was my pleasure getting humble invitation to attend your daughter’s wedding. But it is sad to mention that time will not favour us to attend the ceremony though we are dying to participate.

Firstly, February 16th is very tight schedule in my office. We have to handle Annual General Meeting (AGM) of our office on the very day. If myself is absent in the program, I think, it would be bad reputation. This doesn’t mean that Sarita’s wedding is less significant. Still, I have to go to India during 13th and 14th of February. I could be present before wedding ceremony so that I could assist anyway.

Sorry to mention you that I am no longer be able to be present in that sacred program. I tried my best to manage if I could get a chance to come there but there remained no way. Don’t take otherwise. Even in my absence I will manage to send my spouse in the function. I think, our family bond and relation will not be affected due to my absence in the marriage.

Anyway, arrange well and conduct better for the sweet daughter’s matrimonial bond. Convey my congratulations to her for the bright and joyful conjugal life after wedding.

I hope you will have a grand function there.

Best regards,

Buddha Thapa

4. Write a letter explaining an unexpected absence, or something else unexpected.


Dear Sir,

As you know that I am one of the intelligent students in BBS 2nd year Section ‘A”. I have hardly been absent for my class, let’s not talk about the quiting of terminal examinations. It is very odd to inform you that I am not going to attempt my annual exams due to something unfortunate occurred to me.

Sir, my mother has got heart attack. She is in hospital of my hometown. I am a single son. My father is in USA. He can’t be present here abruptly. I have to go and take care of her by any cost. I can’t let my mother wailing on hospital bed in absence of her family. Thinking very much I have decided that the next week’s upcoming exams will be missed. In this case I will attend the exams in next academic session. I have to give most priority to my lovely mother. Once I requested my uncle to andle the situation for around ten days. He disagreed. So, there remained no alternative.

I am heading to my hometown tomorrow morning by city express. I will be absent in your special coaching of tomorrow afternoon. I hope that I have taken right decision. I also like to request you to manage the upcoming obstacles of my absence in the exams.

Yours obedient,


5. Write a letter about an accident, but not necessarily a traffic accident.


Dear Sister,

This is information about my experience through black and white. As I had informed you already, me and Santosh had to go to tour to Pokhara. Let’s say bad luck, we faced an accident on the way there. But don’t worry about anything since we are all fine now. It happened due to a minor mistake.

Now I am going to narrate about how it took place. We set out from Kathmadu by 8 am on Friday. We had made plan to spend Saturday in Pokhara. As we were happily making our journey, we faced an accident at Malekhu. Actually, it was a mistake of the bus driver who was driving carelessly. Frankly speaking, I was looking on my cellphone because there was a call from Ramita at that time. Santosh who was sitting at the back of me didn’t inform me that the bus was following us. Our bike got knocked and skidded. The bike fell down firmly and we scattered here and there.

It is, let’s say, my fault I shouldn’t pay any attention on the cell phone. But I was on the safe side driving letting enough space to other vehicles. The bus driver admitted his mistake in making the accident. Luckily, we weren’t really hurt. I got a minor injury on my right knee but Santosh got fainted for about two hours. Now, the doctor said he is out of danger. The witnesses on that spot supported me saying that I was riding on safe line. Sometimes, due to the small negligence we get serious problem we have realized now. This much for today feel good, everything is fine now. Anything mentionable, I will add in upcoming letter.



6.  Write a letter about an argument that you have had.


Dear Father,

This is a short notice to inform you that I am very good, and I hope that you are fine with mother and the rest of family, too. Unfortunately, I have some bad news to mention. I’ve got fierce argument with uncle regarding my career.

Anyway, let me tell you here how it took place. You know our uncle, Madan is my guardian here. I am doing my bachelor education in Business Studies. I want to learn about business so that it will be good for me to be a businessman which is my aim. We have been discussing for a long regarding my career. Uncle told me to do job only basically in the office. But I wanted to learn about overall business policies. I wanted to work in uncle’s business firm. That made uncle very angry. He became furious with me and my concept.

Actually, I wasn’t going against the uncle. I just wanted to be independent and build myself in business field. There occurred two opposite opinions between us. In the debate I might have spoken something wrong or rude. Uncle, by any cost, didn’t support my vision. After then, I started to sit separately taking a rented room with a roommate. Now, nothing is to worry about. I had a contact with my uncle yesterday. Now, though we are not staying together, we have good communication.

Dad, I want to be a businessman. So from now I have to work on similar sectors. Don’t worry about me. I have still been doing the job. I will study well and side by side and learn much about the business.

This much for now I hope you will support my opinion. Actually, I am not doing wrong as such. I hope you will write me after receiving.

Yours son,


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