1. Finish these exchanges by completing the responses.
  • I’ve lost my keys. (You/leave/ at home).
  • My laptop’s been stolen. (You/lock/office door.)
  • She says she didn’t get my email. (You/sent/wrong address).
  • He doesn’t know about the new office opening hours. (He/read/memo).
  • Someone’s opened my private email. (You/tell/anyone/your password.)
  • I’ve lost that document I was working on. (You/make/back-up files.)


  • You have left them at home.
  • You can’t have/should have locked your office door.
  • You must have sent it to the wrong address.
  • He can’t have/should have read the memo.
  • You shouldn’t have told anyone your password.
  • You should have made back-up files.
2. Put the verbs in the brackets into appropriate form.
  • John sends his apologies. He (not attend) this meeting – he’s on business in Birmingham.
  • We lost the contract because we rushed the preparation. If (have) more time, we could have done a better job.
  • You’re still here! Sorry, I (tell) you – we finish at 4.30 on Fridays. 4. Why didn’t he ask me? If (ask) me, I could have told him what to do.
  • Success is all about hard work. If I (work) so hard, I wouldn’t have been where I am now.


  • He can’t attend this meeting- he’s on business in Birmingham.
  • If we had had more time, we could have done a better job.
  • Sorry, I should have told you- we finish at 4:30 on Fridays.
  • If he had asked me, I could have told him what to do.
  • If I hadn’t worked so hard, I wouldn’t be where I am now.
3. Complete the sentences with either brand(s) or image(s).
  1. The advertisements are intended to improve the product’s …….
  2. People tend to go on buying the same of………….. breakfast cereal.
  3. He helped to build one of the world’s best known ………..
  4. The industry suffers from a(n)……….. problem.
  5. We are trying to convey a(n) ……….. of a safe, reliable .


  1. image
  2. brand
  3. mbrands
  4. image
  5. image, brand
4. Write a sentence for each of the collocation:
  • negative image
  • corporate image
  • brand recognition
  • brand name


  • The fact that Bijaya started wearing Burberry products gave a company a negative image.
  • The corporate image was destroyed overnight as the CEO was accused of fraud.
  • Brand recognition is one of the keys to successful marketing.
  • Brand name is the motivating factor to have better business.
5. In what ways do native speakers swallow their words or link words together?

Normally native speakers swallow their words or link words together in term of speaking rapidly. In quick speaking process some collocated words and other sounds are left from pronunciation. In such speech, we hardly listen every word pronounced clearly. The stress is occurred in particular interval of syllables. Major words or content words are stressed while minor words, function words and less important words and syllables are left unstressed. For example: Do you want some water? In this expression we just hear pronouncing Do….want and water normally.

6. Which of the following might affect a person’s chance of employment or career?
  • age
  • general physical appearance
  • experience
  • gender
  • behaviour
  • education
  • social background


Surfacely looking all the items mentioned above list may affect a person’s chance of employment or career. Most importantly, education plays a vital role to determine the recruitment. But experience cum education becomes more probable to be selected. At present, smart quality should be accompanied with smart personality i.e. general physical appearance. For example for the Air Hostess, the candidate must have sound and gracious physical outlook with tell figure. More than this the dealing or behaviour, polite voice, smart personality and perfect qualification with experience can provide one his/her dream job easily.

7.How important is personal image in your country? What are the main status symbols, for example, luxury cars, designers clothes, private education?

Personal image is very important in our country. Basically, the main status symbols are luxury cars, designer clothes, private education, running a branded company. A smart personality is another indicator of status symbol. But the impacts of status symbols have been shifted at present. This is that it is different from culture to culture. Currently, having million investments, driving branded cars, becoming boss or CEO of smoothly run company are some paramount status symbols.

 8. Write comments or questions for the start of an email for situations a-d.
  • The recipient has just come back from holiday.
  • The recipient has just been promoted.
  • The recipient has just moved house.
  • The recipient’s favourite football team lost a big match on Wednesday.


  1. Welcome back. Did you have a good time?
  2. I hear you got the manger’s job. Excellent news!
  3. Do you like your new place? Have you settled in yet?
  4. Too bad about United losing. You must be really upset.

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