1. What sort of creative design do you like, for example, buildings, everyday objects, works of art, clothes?

I like the creative designs of works of art. They are composed or made with keen creativity. Normal observations can’t decipher the real meaning of such arts. The abstract paintings have a number of hidden meanings. Emotions, feelings and experiences, joys and sorrows are reflected in the combinations of colours. If we read and observe with creative mind and in-depth perspective, only then we start to get sense in reading such works of art. Unlike other designs, works of art are more abstract, highly complicated and beyond the normal lever of perception. The world famous artists have desgined a number of ever meaningful art i.e. Leo Nardo da Vinchi’s Monalisa.

2. How can people develop their creativity? Add you own ideas to the list.
  • creative input-read books, go to art galleries, …
  • thinking time – get up 30 minutes earlier every morning, …
  • creative environment working with other creative people, managers who – encourage originals ideas, …


To develop creativity is an art. Continuous practice and dedication are required to get master over creativity. The challenging situations of life can easily be handled or tackled with proper creative solutions. It is wide term that covers every walk of our life. To develop this skill we can do following of the techniques among many.

  1. Allocate time for creativity: Everyday allocate a particular amount of time for creativity. One must give higher priority to the area of interest one has. Doing something in scheduled pattern obviously enables anyone to be better person.
  2. Work positively: Creativity is not a matter of a day or month. It is the by product of a long term continuous practice. If one is not getting better result with a couple of trials, one shouldn’t get discouraged. Rather one always should thinks positively and keep on continuity the work to get better and better level one after another failures i.e. composing music.
  3. Have target to meet: No target no achievement. In creativity enhancement, one must have target to meet so he should make commitment to grab this by any cost. If something is done with such aggressive and dedicated manner, obviously one develops the level of creativity.
  4. Have passion on creativity: Creativity is not the course like a text book so that all lessons must be realized and performed. But it is realized by heart and ever exercised with feelings. If there is willingness to learn something by heart, nothing will stop one from developing creativity.
  5. Confidence is solution: If we are working with confidence, any impossible works become easy. Confidence is a great medicine in achieving something. In the same token to develop the level of creativity one must be fully confident and think he/she can do anything.
  6. Others: There are a number of strategies, tools and techniques to build up creativity. If we adopt above mentioned few and other some ways of developing creativity, obviously one gets master over creativity.
3. What would you write to a friend who:
  • has just come back from holiday?
  • has just been promoted?.
  • has just bought a new house?
  • has just had a baby?


  • Welcome back.
  • Well done! You really deserve it.
  • What part of town is it in?
  • Is it a boy or a girl?
4. Complete the sentences with one of the words in brackets.
  • I forgot to send the attachment. (please, sorry)
  • I wanted to ask you a couple of things. (just, possibly)
  • Could you tell me how to get to your office? (actually, possibly)
  • Could you do this by tomorrow? (just, please)
  • I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that question. (actually, possibly)


  • Sorry, I forgot to send the attachment.
  • I just wanted to ask you a couple of things.
  • Could you possibly tell me how to get to your office?
  • Could you do this by tomorrow, please?
  • I’m afraid I don’t actually know the answer to that question.
5. What do you understand by ‘creative thinking’? How is it different from ordinary thinking? Which of the following is not directly related to creative thinking?
  • flexible thinking
  • originality
  • logical thinking
  • brainstorming
  • lateral thinking.


In a single term ‘creative thinking’ is a logical thinking. This is also observing or looking at something or problem from various angles. To generate a creative meaning or solution to any problem one must gather a number of ideas using. brainstorming and later filtering them which seem to be more plausible and applicable.

Ordinary thinking, in contrast to creative thinking is solely related to everyday’s activities or normal sensing such as memorization, imagination, speculation at the normal level. If we have to enlarge the ideas and go from various perspective, ordinary thinking sounds to be useful as well.

6. Write an email to your immediate boss making suggestions for some changes (better lighting, larger desks, latest electronic gadgets, etc.) in your workplace. Try to put everything in a positive light.

Subject: Changing work environment


Hope our office layout and working environment were better. However, there are few things that, I think, could possibly be improved.

We seem to be working with dim light on narrow working desk. It is really very problematic for better office works. So, it would be better to have larger working desk and better lighting in the office. If the perfect ventilation, lightings and full scaled desks were set, it would bring better results in the office work.

Moreover it would be very effective if there was fax and scan machine near office’s corner. It would be more productive if there was set inter come communication system it each department.

Sorry to bother you with this, and once again, thanks for helping me to the improvement of the condition of the office.


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