Windows and Linux both are operating system software. The operating system manages the computer hardware and software. Operating system services hardware and software specification. Thus making the hardware environment. 

You can choose the operating system as per the requirement. Windows is the best option for you if your usage is only for official work and some gaming. And if security and customization are your main priority then Linux should be your preferred option. 

Besides windows and Linux, there are other operating systems such as MacOS. We also have an OS for mobile phones such as Android, iOS, etc. For now, we are just focusing on whether to use windows or Linux. Further details about windows and Linux are listed below.


  • Windows has an ample amount of software. If you want to use more software or have to use more software in your job then windows are more preferred than Linux. Software is not much developed for Linux so having windows is better.
  • If you are a gaming person and gaming is your hobby, then windows is for you. Most of the games are developed for windows. There are plenty of games on the Windows platform compared to Linux and others.
  • Windows is easy to use. It is much easier to navigate to the options in windows than in any other OS including Linux. Linux and other platforms are slightly more complex to use than windows.
  • However, Windows is less secure than any other platform. Virus and malware are also mostly directed toward the windows platform. Being a non-open source platform, fixing a bug and solving a virus attack is also time-consuming.


  • Linux is a free and open source OS, unlike any other OS. 
  • It is small and takes less space in your storage device. Despite this, it is packed with performance. Less space in the memory gives Linux to squeeze more performance from the hardware.
  • Since Linux is an open-source OS, small bugs are also fixed by the community within no time. Many tech giants like Microsoft and Apple also use Linux for development.
  • Linux is also highly customizable as being an open source, you can design as per your need. Provided that you know all the technical knowledge required for the customization.
  • The community is highly supportive and always active to solve any issue that arises in the system.

It is all up to you which OS you prefer, Linux or Windows. Linux has also many other OS developed based on it like MacOS, Unix, Ubuntu, Android, etc. If you want to develop games and software, Linux is your go-to OS. On the other hand, if you are using more software and games, Windows is the preferred OS.

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