Chapter 4: Economic Environment

Very  Short Questions Answers 1. Write about the economic dimension. Dimensions of an economy refer to the facets of economy of a country. They are reflected through demographic forces, income level, income distribution, growth of agricultural and industrial activities, development of service sector, level of employment, balance of payments, rate of inflation, urbanization, and globalization. […]

Chapter 2 : Political Environment

Very Short Question Answer  1. Enlist the components of political environment. Political environment includes various components which are mentioned below: Political ideology Constitution Political parties  Government and its branches: Legislation, Executive & Judiciary  2.  What is political ideology? Political ideology may be defined as a set of ideas, principles, and philosophy. It offers some political […]

Chapter 8: Theory of Factor Pricing

Very Short Question Answer What is rent? Rent is defined as the reward of land for its services in the production process. According to modern theories of rent, rent is the difference between the actual earning and transfer earning. Define transfer earning with an example. Transfer earning is defined as the minimum payment required to […]

Chapter 7: Product Pricing Theories and Practices

Very Short Question Answer What do you mean by perfect competition? Perfect competition is the market structure where there are too many buyers and too many sellers, each of whose output is so small in relation to total industry output that they can not affect the market price of the product. Point out features of […]

Chapter 6: Cost and Revenue Curve

Very Short Question Answer Define opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is defined as the loss of income due to opportunity foregone. In other words, opportunity cost refers to what an input could earn in its next best alternative job. Distinguish between implicit cost and explicit cost. Implicit cost is defined as the value of factor inputs […]

Chapter 5: Theory Of Production

Very Short Question Answer Define the law of variable proportion. The law of variable proportions examines the production with one fac variable, keeping the quantities of other factors fixed. When the quantity of one factor is changed, keeping the quantity of other factors constant, the proportion between the variable factor and fixed factor is changed. […]

Chapter 4: Analysis of Consumer’s Behavior

Very Short Question Answer Define utility. Utility is defined as the human wants satisfying power of the commodity. It is the subjective concept, which changes person to person, time to time and place to place. What do you mean by cardinal utility approach? Cardinal utility approach means that method of analyzing utility which believes that […]

DSA with Java- Solution- Very Short Answer

Data structure and algorithm with JAVA What is data structure? → A data structure is a specialized format for organizing and storing data. General data structure types include the array, the file, the record, the table, the tree, and so on. Any data structure is designed to organize data to suit a specific purpose so that it can be accessed and worked with […]

Sociology Report Writing – Sample

This report is provided by our active contributor Miss. Laxmi Manandhar from National College of Computer Studies (NCCS). Study Notes Nepal is very thankful to Miss. Dipa Rokka, Miss. Laxmi Manandhar, Miss. Sonu Karmacharya and Mr. Sujan Rajak for your support toward us. The report “Risk On Road” is found worthy of acceptance as the […]

C-Programming (Handwritten Notes)

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