Kam Hudai Xa

1. Normalize the following relation ( emp_id, emp_name, emp_zip, emp_state, emp_city, emp_district ) to 3NF emp_id emp_name emp_zip emp_state emp_city emp_district 1001 Ram 282005 state7 Dipayal Doti 1002 Keshab 555780 state2 Nepalgunj Banke 1003 Pawan 822005 state7 Dhangadhi Kailali 1004 Aardi 772290 state4 Pokhara Kaski 1005 sunita 885009 state3 Kathmandu Ktm   Solution: First Normal […]

Chapter Two |Basic Concepts and Issues of Economics|

Very Short Question Answer 1. What is meant by goods and services? All those things which can satisfy human wants are called goods and services. Goods have physical existence where as services have no physical existence. 2. Define goods. Goods are defined as the tangible things or commodities which can satisfy human wants. In other […]

Chapter 4: Economic Environment

Very  Short Questions Answers 1. Write about the economic dimension. Dimensions of an economy refer to the facets of economy of a country. They are reflected through demographic forces, income level, income distribution, growth of agricultural and industrial activities, development of service sector, level of employment, balance of payments, rate of inflation, urbanization, and globalization. […]

Chapter 2 : Political Environment

Very Short Question Answer  1. Enlist the components of political environment. Political environment includes various components which are mentioned below: Political ideology Constitution Political parties  Government and its branches: Legislation, Executive & Judiciary  2.  What is political ideology? Political ideology may be defined as a set of ideas, principles, and philosophy. It offers some political […]

Chapter 8: Theory of Factor Pricing

Very Short Question Answer What is rent? Rent is defined as the reward of land for its services in the production process. According to modern theories of rent, rent is the difference between the actual earning and transfer earning. Define transfer earning with an example. Transfer earning is defined as the minimum payment required to […]